BJP leader Satya Pal Singh alleged Maria’s affinity with peter

Premature Promotion and Posting as DG Homeguard riled Mr. Maria

Former Mumbai police commissioner Rakesh Maria’s being premature promoted has reacted nothing openly; but the gesture of his face looked to say something. He assumed it a politically vested step. He enhanced the investigation of Sheena murder case. Maria may resign from his post.

  When police of Khar arrested Indrani and his driver; she offended with slipshod words in spoken English; and insulted the police.

Inspector Dinesh Kadam informed the whole story Commissioner Rakesh Maria and then he himself began to questioning Indrani.  Not only this, he informed about every thing of inquiry to the chief minister and the home secretary.

Satya Pal Singh, Maria's predecessor, had alleged his affinity with Peter.  Maria is famous for solving many cases including 1993 Mumbai bomb-blast. According to the sources, Maria swore, I never met before with Indrani and Peter; I saw Indrani first in Khar police station; I went there in connection with the case -- where Peter at the time of inquiry was interrogated by me.
The retired police commissioner and turned politician, Satya Pal Singh, who had occupied the government house, was when to be vacated by me; all it  offended this leader and he is in vengeance alleging over me.
He told, ACP Sanjay Kadam and inspector Dinesh Kadam were transferred for the purpose when the committee of Joint CP Deven Bharti and Anoop Kumar ordered this.
The premature promotion and posting as DG home guard riled Mr. Maria. Mr Maria may resign.

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