Congress Is Insensitive: Morari Bapu on Modi's tears

Morari Bapu, a famous religious preacher of Gujrat, appreciating the PM Modi, hit on the Congress. He asked with congress in the interrogating gesture, “if the tears dropped in remembrance of mother, what is wrong?
Not only this, he told, “The congress is insensitive."
Morari Bapu said, “If a man recalled his mother and dropped the tears, what happened?”  Whose tears never fell down in remembrance of his mother?  You always remained insensitive. However, Morari Bapu after his statement said, “I have nothing to take or give with the politics.”
He said, “I have nothing to take with politics; I have never gone to Gandhi Nagar while Mr. Modi was the chief minister.”
Morari Bapu told that the every talk have opposite reaction. Every talk has the instinct of hampering. They all are assuming stupid the people of country. There is no one gentleman.

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