Defective Plane took flight from Khajuraho India: English Historian

William Dalrymple

William Dalrymple, The English Historian, claimed that Air India plane’s emergency landing at Delhi airport on Monday night was actually due to a fault earlier. William was boarded on this flight.
He told, this flight of Khajuraho-Varanasi-Delhi was about to cancel; but the passengers were reported at the final period, ‘the plane has been rectified and will take off from Khajuraho to Delhi'; The defective plane took flight from Khajuraho.
He said an engineer, Air India, with his son was travelling; he told, 'since the engineer was not confident, was very nervous, about the plane has been rectified'; and he was praying.
It is noticeable, ‘the passengers' injury was complaint after the emergency landing'. However the authorities Air India said, ‘the hydraulic fault emerged in Aircraft and because of it caught the fire at the time of landing.'
The 21 years Air bus 320 as it touched the runway of Delhi airport, its rear lower part in left was looked flames rising.
William told, ‘as soon the flight was landed and the emergency gate, opened — the shower of water was continuous.' He saw the billow of black fume during it. He alleged there was no information release about the baggage till 3 hours since landing of flight.
The boarded 153 passengers on flight were descended shortly after landing and the plane was pulled to a far. The injured passengers were treated in Air port hospital.

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