Funeral could not be performed; graveyard was closed because PM's rally -- Randeep Surjewala

Inquiry will be held & responsibility will be fixed: PM MODI

FILE PHOTO -- Randeep S. Surjewala, Cong Spokesperson

PM Narendra Modi’s visit to Chandigarh has created one more controversy:  35 cong leaders were kept in house arrest; Randeep Surjewala, Cong spokesperson, alleged the PM has misused the government powers.
PM Modi said, there was no need to close the schools. The people faced the difficulties: It will be probed and fixed the accountability.
The schools on Friday remained closed in Chandigarh, which the congress declared unreasonable. Modi visited Chandigarh to opening of an International airport. Many schools in the way of Uttara Khand were remained closed and a few of those were got over during the intermission.

Surjewala said, Chandigarh was captive for the rally purpose. The whole city on the name VIP was suffered racism by PM's visit. It was the rally of Sahib, not of a servant. Even before this visit the dispute had happened.
Surjewala demanded the PM to apologize with brigadier Devender Singh. Actually, the funeral of brigadier’s son could not be performed in the graveyard; it was closed because PM's rally.
Surjewala said, the PM and the president have been visiting the city, but the VIP racism in such manner I have never seen. It was the political rally of BJP, and the brunt of it face the people of Chandigarh. The BJP did more hard-hearted act.
Surjewala said, the edible essential commodities sale prices are soaring. The pulses rate Rs.145 per kg. but he doesn’t know the pain of a domestic wife. The prime minister has  harboured no family.

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