Lucknow City Mayor addressed function of State Employees Joint Council Uttar Pradesh

This inspiration site is the place of brainstorming where the employees in society will participate to promote the thinking of the social betterment.
Left side, Dr.Dinesh Sharma, Mayor and chief guest addressing at function; right side, Hari Kishor Tiwari, speaking to media - photo by K.KANT.

 Dr. Dinesh Sharma, Lucknow City Mayor, on Sunday inaugurated the roof built by the help of local corporator Lucknow Municipal Corporation above the statue of late BN Singh, the  president of State Employees Joint Council Uttar Pradesh, in Sarojini Naidu Park Lucknow.
The office bearers of different unions and associations were present with the veteran leaders in the function.
Mr. Hari Kishor Tiwari, president of council, said, “The joint council, having considered on the common problems among the state employees, had been constituted on 26th February 1966 by our late BN Singh, the president. The state employee after council formation went on strike; later that he was able to get many perks.
 It was the result of employees’ unity when we got the identical pay in 1986 equal to the central employees, so it is the time calls for our unity to fight for the right."
 Dr. Dinesh Sharma, Lucknow City Mayor, addressing the crowd at the function said, “The erected statue of late BN Singh Ji is the place of pondering where employees under the roof will sit now. The state government snatched the holy place of Darulshafa in front to the state assembly where it had been used by the demonstrators' voice before the temple of state democracy.”
He added, “Now the government has displaced the venue of democratic activities to Laxman Mela Maidan an arid place beside Gomti River.
Darulshafa is going to be prohibited area due to new secretariat. This inspiration site for the employees has been dedicated where the gatherings of employees' activities will be performed."

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