Man brutally kills wife after she refuses to have sex with him


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The brutality of spouse with his wife in Bareilly Uttar Pradesh has created sensation in the area. The inebriated man proposed the sexual relation with his wife, but she denied. Her denial aroused the anger of husband — he assaulted over her private part! Not even satiated with hurt; so he put his feet. The moaning wife died on the spot. The police registered a case and arrested the man.
Rajeev resident of Nariawal in district Bareilly had wedded Meenu Sharma. Both had elapsed 15 years marital life. They survived with a son. Rajeev Sharma this Thursday was drunk well. He began perforcely to make sexual relation. As she denied having sex with him; he murdered her beating.
Revealing of his crime came to know when the sister of Rajeev had come to his house to meet him.
According to the police, the grievous wound marks were on her private part. The profuse bleeding from her body had resulted her death on the spot. The inebriated Rajeev’s leg were coloured with deep blood marks.
He had inserted his leg into her private womb. He tried to wash the room to clear the blood stain after committing the incident.

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