MODI JI is harming himself; his dignity is going down: Rahul Gandhi


Rahul Gandhi, Cong vice president, brainstorming for the mission UP, reached on Monday Mathura. While it was not in his schedule to prayer in temple, Rahul Gandhi visited Banke Bihari temple. He took the blessing  before Lord Krishna. He was bestowed there with the idol of Lord Krishna.
During the musings of a day camp he told the party leaders that he introduced a little changes in his views and thinking; and he wants that is the accessing the concept of Cong up to the heart of people. Mr. Rahul strongly condemn PM Modi.
Mr. Gandhi addressed there the workers and the leaders of party. He said, "Although the congress has the status of 4 in UP, but the thinking of congress always considered number one."
He added, "The whole congress is a family and in the past months his thought has changed on this side. He has had the Congress DNA which cannot be apart from him."
Mr. RahuI said, “I always looked you as the army. That the comrade is not performing well can be replaced was my thinking; but now I have made a little change in my thinking; I look you now as my family. Whether we like or don’t -- everyone now is in family.”
He said, “We cannot banish them. We have to maintain our fraternity. Who heartily dedicated to congress; wherever he will represent, he shall be the congress.”
He further added, “PM does not criticize me; now farmers are abusing him. Modi Ji is in opposition of congress party.”
Rahul Gandhi added, “What he (PM) had promised 'to pay and fulfill' among the people has done nothing so far? Accordingly he had said to generate employment for youths; he had to deposit Rs 15 lacs in the public accounts by black money; he had talked about the OROP none of these have yet appeared."

MODI JI is harming himself; his dignity is going down.
He said, “Congress opposes the concept of RSS. The cadres do wrong they revive its concept.”

Telling the UP his home he said, “The time calls for the enlightening the heart of India with the concept of congress. It's the time to fight. We will fight together; and will be thrashed by lathis together.”
He said, “Wherever you need, whatever you need you call me. I will be there pleasantly."

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