Congress hit back on political war in California by the Prime Minister Narenda Modi on Monday.
 "He has insulted the whole country, while saying that the whole India was corrupt before he came to power. Prime Minister Modi should explain after returning, as to why he has insulted the former leaders of our nation post independence, calling them corrupt," Sharma said at a press conference here.
Anand Sharma, Cong leader, telling Modi 'Show Man', said, “It’s an anguish that the leadership of this great nation is in hand of a showman Prime Minister.”
Anand Sharma said, “ Madison Square Garden; Dubai; Shape centre and in a few days; Wembley stadium London — an inquiry should be set up for all the journeys; and about the sources which are feeding money to organize the program among Indian communities.” Whether all the incidental expenses are being incurred by the government or spending other sources.
Prime Minister Modi is visiting Britain in November. According to the organizers Prime Minister will address there Indians in Wembley stadium in London. There is expected 90 thousand Indian may participate. Wembley is one of the bigger football stadiums in Europe.
Anand posed the issue of glossary in PM Modi’s speech. He said, “PM speaks in foreign, ‘I, me and myself.’”
Have you ever seen such leaders who do an impression of himself in that manner in the world?
Anand said, “PM claims that his mother had washed the utensils of others’ home are absolutely false." and that is the abasement of his mother is regrettable. He did not invite his mother in the swearing-in ceremony.
That he should become responsible son, instead of pretending sentimentality in abroad, is better.
Modi mentioned his mother with Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of face book, during the talks.
BJP leader, GVL Narsimha Rao said, “Every visit of prime minister is official.” He did not go on secret mission like Gandhi family. “that the PM’s mother is being dragged in the politics is unfortunate", said Sambit Patra, the BJP spokesperson.

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