Talibani decision in minor rape case by village panchayat in UP

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The Panchayat meeting after the rape instead giving justice charged lathi on the victim. The people of Ghosiana village under  Saini police station in Kaushambi UP are in terror since 25th August. The victim's miscarriage was done by the  doctor in the presence of her mother. The alleged rapist and his kin, with  banning the relationships, were banished from the village.
According to Styarth Anirudh Pankaj, superintendent of police Kaushambi, the incident was informed. The matter is being investigated. Police reached there; inquired with the village people continuously. The victim and the accused could not be contacted so far. If the Panchayat has punished with such illegal decision, the people will be taken under the IPC. The accused persons will not be spared.
The Panchayat in district Kaushambi UP has given a Talibani decision in minor rape case. The victim was lathi-charged and her 5 months' conceive miscarriage  was done calling doctor on the spot in the presence of Panchayat. The police is assuring the justice after having completed its investigation.

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