Trade Unions Kept Its Promise On 2nd September: Bharat Bandh hit normal life

Police arrest a SUCI lady activist during the nation wide strike called by trade unions in Kolkata.

National wide strike called on 2nd September by trade unions turned violent till  afternoon. The government employees demonstrated at the various places, the sporadic incident of manhandling was reported, and police lathicharged on demonstrators in the country.
The CPM and Trinamool congress activists clashed   at Behrampur district murshidabad in West Bengal.
The activists of both parties ransacked and lathicharged on each other, the police on this conduct started the counter attack . 6 activists of CPM have been arrested. According to police, the activists in Murshidabad pelted stone and manhandled, which the police controlled after the lathicharge
The congress and the Left-backed trade unions called one day Bharat Bandh on their 12-point demands and in protests against the labour policy by the union government -- the effects began to look since morning.  The security was inconstancy during Bharat Bandh. The people faced heavy difficulties of violent incidents at various places.
The most strike affected cities were Kolkata, Bengluru, Ahmadabad and Srinagar. There clashed on many times between the police and the demonstrators. The union minister,  Dharmendra Pradhan, appeared before media to clear the situation. He told, the situation is in control now.

The private, state, central employees-backed Bharat Bandh, excluding railway, hit the work due to strike in various departments. The labour leader, Gurudas Gupta, told  the Labour Unions took the national wide strike a correct decision  and said the people are unsatisfied with the government policy against the labours.  He said, the government steps, 'not to be formed the unions' is a wrong decision; and the national wide strike in whole country is praised.

Bharat Bandh affected very much the national capital. The auto-drivers faced there violence and the wrath of strike. Such incidents were reported: the employees on strike stopped the auto-drivers on way and manhandled them. The consequence affected the passengers who came out from railway and bus station travelled on foot.
President of congress Dr. R.P. Mishra addressd on Wednessay teachers and emplyees at Queens College in LKO
The states, Bihar and Bengal, were affected badly. The rail transit by the crowd logging on track affected the traffic.
The Employees Teachers Coordination Committee, UP organized a joint march in Lucknow from GPO to Queens College and the leaders of the committee addressed the general meeting of employees and teachers who participated in the rally. The clash between the police and the demonstrators in West Bengal compelled police to lathicharge to control the situation. The incidents of violence were reported from Keral.  The trade unions in Chennai backed Bharat Bandh. The labours and activists of organizations left no chance to disrupt the rail traffic. The employees on strike by the crowd logging on track affected the rail traffic. After trying by police to remove the crowd, the people were not ready to accept and were on the track. After the lathicharge on the employees the police could control the situation.

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