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Friday, October 30, 2015

Supreme Court Rebuked Government On Farmers Committing Suicide

By on Friday, October 30, 2015
Supreme Court rebuked on Friday the Union Government on the issue of farmers committing suicide. Supreme court said the Union Government is not serious on the issue of farmers' suicide and imposed fine of Rs 25000.
Supreme Court hearing the filed litigation by Youth Kamal Organisation stated such opinion. Actually, the court had said on 21 August that the government would submit clearing its concept within six weeks on reviewing the National Policy For Farmers. but the government did not filed any affidavit after passing of  2 month. it was imposed as the late fine.
Supreme court granted time for 4 weeks more to the government to file the affidavit and has asked, " if the government is agreed upon the 190 points report of MS Swaminathan committee; why did the implementation delay?"
The court was annoyed with the meetings of government panel constituted on the recommendations of committee. the court said, "while the matter is so serious; the government panel organized mere 5 meetings in the last 8 years."
According to the stats of national crime record bureau, in the year 2013, the farmers committing suicide were 12000 and the death toll rose up-to 6000 in the year 2014. All were peasants.

Scientist PM Bhargava returns Padma Bhushan

By on Friday, October 30, 2015

October 29: The renown scientist, Pushp Mitra Bhargav in protest for the intolerance in society has decided to return his Padma Bhushan  award. He alleged that the NDA government is trying to convert democracy into religious dictatorship.

PM Bhargava is one more person who has joined into the protest campaign for intolerance. He is the founder of Center for Cellular And Molecular Biology in Hyderabad and said that he is going to return his award which he had achieved in 1986.

He perceived the reality that the country's prevailing condition is  appalling. Simultaneously it is hazardous to the thoughts of scientific, rationalism, and logic. 

Bhargav told, "I have decided to return the award. That the ruling government is following  the way apart from democracy is the reason behind it and tending to change the country's system into repugnant Hindu religion like Pakistan."  It is unacceptable; I  have felt the unacceptability of it.
Bhargav alleged that such people have been appointed on many important posts, who had some  relation with the RSS. He alleged for not fulfilling the promise which the Modi government had assured and said, " I can return the award mere being a scientist."

Thursday, October 29, 2015


By on Thursday, October 29, 2015
WWE: The United States Champion John Cena was defeated by Alberto Del Rio in his open challenge In The Hell In A Cell

This year's Hell in a Cell was an above-average pay-per-view, but much of the action seemed like a setup for Survivor Series.
As one of the "big four" WWE pay-per-views, Survivor Series has enjoyed a long and storied history, but recent years have seen focus shift toward events such as the Royal Rumble and SummerSlam. That might be about to change.
With a huge world title match and an appearance by The Undertaker already set for November 22, it seems WWE wants to revitalize the annual event. These are the results from last weekend that are sure to have an impact come next month.

Fight between Brock Lesnar and the Undertaker

An unusually violent Hell in a Cell match saw The Beast Incarnate vanquish The Undertaker in what's being billed as their final encounter. However, it was what happened after the bell that left fans looking to the future.
Bray Wyatt and his stable of hirsute henchmen hit the ring to beat down the Deadman, carrying him out of the arena to close the show. As of the time of writing, it's still unclear what's going on—but it's clearly something interesting.
The scenario could play out in two ways: Either Undertaker is set to act as some form of mentor or manager to Wyatt, or he's about to helm a team to take on the Wyatt Family in a traditional Survivor Series elimination match.
Given that the Phenom celebrates his 25th anniversary at Survivor Series, it's clear that he's going to play some part in the PPV.
However, it's not just the Wyatt Family follow-up that gives this match a direct link to next month's show. Following his defeat by Lesnar, we're looking at a different Undertaker. We now know conclusively that he's not quite the same competitor that we've seen in the past.
But what does that mean, exactly? We'll have to wait for the Survivor Series to find out.


The women of WWE are in a time of transition at the moment, but hopefully Nikki Bella's defeat on Sunday is evidence that it's coming to an end.
At present, the so-called Divas Revolution has pitted the best of NXT against established Divas by way of the Team PCB vs. Team Bella rivalry. Oh, and Team B.A.D. has turned up from time to time.
That's fine as a method of introducing new wrestlers, but it's not exactly a "revolution." Now that Nikki is out of the title picture, we hope the division will focus on top-tier in-ring performers rather than overwrought plotting and the continuing success of Total Divas.
There are many reasons why the NXT women's division is better than the Divas of the main roster, but a big part of it is the wrestling itself. The most talked-about matches to come from those women were great because they had a terrific payoff between the ropes.
Nikki has come a long way recently, but her skill still seems lacking when compared to that of Bayley, Charlotte and Sasha Banks. That's no criticism, as she's surrounded by tough competition.
It seems that Paige will be the next to challenge Charlotte, and for the first time we'll see two NXT graduates battle for the Divas Championship. There's a lot of pressure for the feud to deliver—but high stakes can produce the best performances.

The fight between Roman reigns and Bray Wyatt

This bout is sure to have a huge impact on Survivor Series—and it may well have an impact on the next decade for WWE.
There's little doubt that Roman Reigns is next in line to the throne that John Cena is in the process of vacating. The only question is when; it didn't happen at this year's WrestleMania, but it could come to fruition at Survivor Series.
With Seth Rollins six months into his reign as WWE world heavyweight champion, it would seem that a pre-WrestleMania title change would come sooner rather than later. Following his match with Wyatt, there was little doubt that Reigns looked like a championship contender.
The following night on Raw, we saw Reigns win a qualifier and a four-man main event to be named the No. 1 contender, as he's set to challenge Rollins at Survivor Series.
However, Hell in a Cell had already laid the groundwork for Reigns' ascent. The rivalry with Wyatt was Reigns' most well-developed and lengthy singles feud yet, so seeing him come out on top makes a big statement for the juggernaut.
Wyatt's involvement with The Undertaker suggests that he's on his way to bigger things, too—but Reigns getting the win demonstrates that he's on his way to the top. Will Reigns be world champion by the end of November? Based on his Hell in a Cell win, it seems to be the likeliest outcome.

                                                                                                         -KRISHN PRADDHUMN

Wednesday, October 28, 2015


By on Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Kathmandu: Vidya Bhandari has been elected first woman President of Nepal. After the implementation of new constitution she was in fray by ruling party. It was second presidential election after the end of imperialism in Nepal, While she is the first  constitutional president.
Mr Pranab Mukherjee, President of India, expressing his congratulation to the presidential post winning, has invited on telephone her to India.
Bhandari, 64, has been active in communist politics since her student life. She was the vice president of the ruling Nepal Communist Party(UML) and also handled various ministerial posts including defence ministry.She won her top post in the country defeating the rival candidate, Kul Bahadur Gurung  by Nepali Congress Party.
She became the chief of Nepal army together . According to the new constitution,  the power of the whole control over army has been conferred to the president.
Highly harmonious and  mild in her behaviour, Vidya Bhandari has very positive and clement attitude for India. Late Madan Bhandari her spouse, who was killed in road accident, was the founder member communist party in Nepal.

Arun Shourie No Longer Party Member: BJP General Secretary

By on Wednesday, October 28, 2015


BJP overcame with Arun Shourie's pungent offensive on Modi's Government stating on Monday that he is not a member of the party.
Arun Singh, the BJP General Secretary,  said Shourie, recently during the party campaign for members renewal, did not subscribed for his membership; after which it has expired. He said all members would have to upgrade their subscriptions in every six years and Shourie did not enlist to the time.
Singh said, "Shourie is not now a member of the BJP; he did not enhanced his membership." M. Venkaiah Naidu, Union Ministers, addressing a press conference in the party headquarters,  dismissed Shourie's attacks on Government; he said, his thoughts were, neither shared by party, nor people. he said, "I disagree. It is the opinion of neither party nor public."
Shourie, has been a staunch supporter of Modi during the election campaign for Lok Sabha last year,  said on Monday, " the Central Government seems that the economy means to handle: the management handling " ; and the people has started  remembering the days of former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.
Shourie said, "the Government's policies of the kind: in which Congress has become how and the government has involved with cow."  While rejecting such accusations, Mr Naidu said that there is no scam, no scandal and no fault during this rule; and the BJP has been victorious of election  across the country.
 Naidu said, "we are in democratic country. it is his own opinion but the country differs." he said that the people are backing the Prime Minister  in all parts of country.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Magnitude 7.5 earthquake centred in NE Afghanistan

By on Monday, October 26, 2015

* Communications cut off in many mountainous areas

* Area is prone to seismic activity due to tectonic plates                                          (Updates death toll to 126)

KABUL/PESHAWAR, Pakistan,Oct 26
 A major earthquake struck the remote Afghan northeast on Monday, killing at least 135 people in Afghanistan and nearby northern Pakistan and sending shock waves as far as New Delhi, officials said.
The death toll could climb in coming days because communications were down in much of the rugged Hindu Kush mountain range where the quake was centred.

In one of the worst incidents, at least 12 girls were killed in a stampede to flee their school building in the northeastern Afghan province of Takhar, just west of Badakhshan province where the tremor's epicentre was located.
"They fell under the feet of other students," said Abdul Razaq Zinda, provincial head of the Afghan National Disaster Management Agency, who reported heavy damage in Takhar.
Shockwaves were felt in New Delhi in northern India and across northern Pakistan, where hundreds of people ran out of buildings as the ground rolled beneath them. No deaths were reported in India.
"We were very scared ... We saw people leaving buildings, and we were remembering our God," Pakistani journalist Zubair Khan said by telephone from the Swat Valley northwest of the capital Islamabad.
"I was in my car and, when I stopped my car, the car itself was shaking as if someone was pushing it back and forth."
The quake was 213 km (132 miles) deep and centred 254 km (158 miles) northeast of Kabul in Badakhshan province. The U.S. Geological Survey initially measured the magnitude at 7.7, then revised it down to 7.5.
Just over a decade ago, a 7.6 magnitude quake in another part of northern Pakistan killed about 75,000 people.
In Afghanistan, a total of 33 were reported dead on Monday. In addition to the 12 schoolgirls in Takhar, seven people died in the eastern province of Nangarhar, two in Nuristan province in the northeast, three in eastern Kunar province and nine in Badakhshan, officials said.
In Pakistan, 102 deaths were reported by early evening, most in northern and northwestern regions bordering Afghanistan, officials told Reuters.
Particularly hard-hit in Pakistan was the northern area of Chitral, where 20 people were killed, police official Shah Jehan said. The death toll was likely to rise because so many areas were cut off from communications, he said.

Journalist Gul Hammad Farooqi, 47, said his house had collapsed. "I was thrown from one side of the road to the other by the strength of the earthquake. I've never experienced anything like it," he said.
"There is a great deal of destruction here, and my house has collapsed, but thankfully my children and I escaped."

Further south, the city of Peshawar reported two deaths but at least 150 injured people were being treated at the city's main hospital, the provincial health chief said.
In Afghanistan, international aid agencies working in northern areas reported that cell phone coverage in the affected areas remained down in the hours after the initial quake.
"The problem is we just don't know. A lot of the phone lines are still down," said Scott Anderson, deputy head of office for the U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in Kabul.
Badakhshan provincial governor Shah Waliullah Adib said about 400 houses were destroyed but he had no figures on casualties.
"Right now we are collecting information," he said.
The earthquake struck almost exactly six months after Nepal suffered its worst quake on record on April 25. Including the toll from a major aftershock in May, 9,000 people lost their lives and 900,000 homes were damaged or destroyed there.
The Hindu Kush mountain region is seismically active, with earthquakes the result of the Indian subcontinent driving into and under the Eurasian landmass. Sudden tectonic shifts can cause enormous and destructive releases of energy.

BJP picks vote by merchants hoarding and tells them responsible:Nitish Kumar

By on Monday, October 26, 2015
Bihar government does not crackdown on hoarding of pulses

Saurav Kumar
Patna;Bihar: A head-on clash between Modi and Nitish Kumar on Sunday with the rising prices of pulses came before the public.
Modi said in Patna rally, "Bihar government does not crackdown on the hoarding of pulses." Modi said, "Taking a dig at Lalu he said the bait eating are drinking now lentils."

Nitish Kumar responded in Hajipur. He said, "People of Bihar used to eat dal bhat in the past. Now the pulses have vanished from the plates. Please live in penance of eating rice with vegetables. BJP picks vote by merchants hoarding and tells them responsible."

The Prime Minister expressed confidence of the BJP's victory in Bihar; the people are in the mood to choose a new government. the hoarders will not be spared after November 8. However, Kumar said, " the anti votes have trailed them in first and second phase of polling which overwhelmed. The air in two phases has come out . The third stage will sweep."

Kumar said, "the Prime Minister show the figures to embarrass us. Further; if you come, please speak about -- Which state has an equal number of boys and girls in 9th grade?"
The boys and girls in Bihar will be taught English so that they do not feel inferior. the youth of Bihar come to know that, if there is restoration on the moon, they will reach there too. The BJP government in Jharkhand will not recruit a Bihari on peon post , but we do not stop here.

Kumar speared on PM rallies and foreign trip. he spoke, "after becoming prime minister either goes on the foreign trip or steps in election journey."
The Prime Minister said that your stay in the 25-years rule is at verge of end. If we have to save Bihar, we will go the way of youth development. I have dared to seek votes on development.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Rare Appearance In Bihar Again:Nitish Kumar tweets on PM

By on Sunday, October 25, 2015
 CM Nitish Kumar quipped  excuses Narendra Modi's hectic rallies in Bihar election. Nitish said, " It is a golden chance to public to look PM MODI in real. MODI ji is a rare appearing man."
Nitish Kumar by tweets speared PM Modi on Sunday.
"Modi Ji was always unmatched in theatrics, rhetoric & using unsubstantiated facts now tactical silence is his new weapon of choice."
"For someone who doesn’t miss an opportunity to talk or tweet by the minute on literally anything it is baffling that Modiji doesn’t (1/3) speak a word on issues that exhort the collective conscience of the country or bother the common masses (2/3)."
"No words on gruesome killing of Dalit children in Haryana, mob lynching in Dadri or skyrocketing prices of dal (3/3)."
The saga continues, so let us brace ourselves for a repeat performance in Bihar.
Nitish said that right for the election campaign, but Modi ji has admitted his request 'Kucch Din Gujariye Bihar Me'(a few days passage to Bihar).
Nitish accused the PM MODI has not yet murmured a word on the issue of social disturbance, killing of Dalit children in Haryana, Dadri killing and soaring rates of essential commodities.
 Nitish said the PM modi missed his promises which he had said publicly on black money; on farmers MSP(Minimum Support Prices) and  on employment to youths; and he would give special status to Bihar.

Returned Award Only Way To Protest: Gulzar

By on Sunday, October 25, 2015

Gulzar, the famous lyricist of Bollywood and awarded by Dadasaheb Phalke, has  supported to the writers' step of returning the life time achievement Sahitya Akademi Award.
Gulzar said on giving up  Akademi Award, "What would the writers react politics? They had no other options to protest the concrete atmosphere except that returning the award."
Why would the writers stage the politics? The writers are responsible to maintain the morality of society. 
These awards should have been returned to the government; but the award has no co-relation with government. The returned award is only way to protest.
He said on right to expression, "There was no customary of asking religion prior to name of a person in the country. I welcome such mere one who dwells in, or be passersby of, Ram Rajya (realm of Ram)."
He said about the current murders, " It has no flaw of Sahitya Academy, The fault  emerged from the government."
"The watch on expression I seldom or never faced in such manner", he said.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Victim Girl Murdered Son Of Rapist Father

By on Saturday, October 24, 2015

Aligarh, UP: A 15-year-old girl was arrested Wednesday for allegedly killing a five-year-old boy in Khair area of Aligarh. She told police that she killed the boy because his father had raped her two days ago.

The boy, son of a labourer, went missing on Tuesday when he was playing outside his home.

The body was found in a vacant plot near his home on Wednesday morning. It was wrapped in polythene and the strangulation marks were on it,  police said.

The boy’s family accused, the girl committed the murder; claiming she was a drug addict.

Aligarh Additional SP (Rural) Sansar Singh said that at the time of her arrest, the girl told her father that she had been raped by the boy’s father on Monday evening.

According to the police, “She said; she killed the boy because she had been raped by his father. She had not filed any complaint before her arrest.”

The girl was booked for murder, causing disappearance of evidence and under provisions of the SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act.

Khair police station in-charge Rajvir Singh said the girl’s mother is paralysed and her father, a labourer, is often not in town.

He said the girl told them that the boy’s father raped her near a tube well. A case was lodged against the alleged rapist on Wednesday and the girl’s medical examination was done on Thursday. He said the girl had been sent to a juvenile home in Ghaziabad.

Not taken Concrete Action Against Terrorist: Kerry lashed out on Pak

By on Saturday, October 24, 2015

Nawaz Sharif, PM of Pakistan, during his visit to America on Thursday in a crowded meeting was lashed out not strongly act against the terrorism.
When the American Foreign Minister, John Kerry, lashed out on Nawaz Sharif, the Pakistani journalist began the protest in press conference.
Actually, the PM of Pakistan is on trip to America. He accused there India on the issue of Kashmir and terrorism. 
John Kerry, the American Foreign Minister, on Thursday during a joint press conference  talked stridently to Nawaz Sharif not taking concrete action against the terrorist groups: namely, Lashkar-e-Taiba harbouring in Pak; and Haqqani, in Afghanistan.
According to a Pak news channel, Sami Abraham, seeing such treatment of reprimanding before the crowd, objected this action. Sami said, “the foreign minister should have maintained the respect of PM before media and should not talk in such attitude." However the step taken by the journalist  stood against him and the protest  by the media personnel has begun in America.
 It is noticeable, John Kerry had earlier told him, "Sharif would have to take the concrete action against Haqqani group." However Pakistan did not take any step in.

Friday, October 23, 2015

How to Make Kadai Mushroom Recipe

By on Friday, October 23, 2015
kadai mushroom recipe with step by step photos – kadai mushroom is an easy and quick dish and yet delicious. sauteed button mushrooms in a semi dry gravy of spiced and tangy tomato sauce along with bell peppers.
mushrooms, spices, onions, tomatoes and bell peppers. their combination never goes wrong
the kadai mushroom recipe can be made spicy and hot depending on the kind of red chilies you add. dry red chilies are added to make the kadai masala. so if you use hot chilies, the curry will be hot. if you use less hot and pungent chilies, the gravy will not be hot. so depending on the heat in the chilies, you can decrease or increase their amount. here i used byadagi chilies which are less hot and give a deep color.
the indian kadai is like the chinese wok but much deeper than the wok. the whole recipe is cooked in the kadai and hence the name kadai mushroom. in india the kadai or kadhai is used for cooking semi dry or dry veggie dishes, making sweets and also for deep frying. it is one multi purpose pan which is found in every indian kitchen.
whenever you make any kadai recipe from any veggie or paneer or tofu, then always always freshly pound or powder the spices. they add such an aroma and flavor to the food that is not possible when you use ready made or store brought spice powders. in this kadai mushroom recipe, as mentioned above the kadai masala is also freshly made from roasted spices.
the kadai mushroom has been adapted from the popular restaurant style kadai paneer recipe on the blog. to make this dish onion-garlic free,  you can easily skip onion and garlic. it will still taste delicious.
kadai mushroom goes excellent with some rotis or naan and accompanied by a salad.
if you are looking for more mushroom recipes: then do check mushroom tikka, palak mushroom curry, south indian mushroom biryani, methi mushroom – restaurant style, mushroom manchurian, quick chilli mushroom and mushroom & peas curry recipe.

US to sell 8 fighter-planes F-16 to Pak

By on Friday, October 23, 2015

Concern Among American Lawmakers -- fighter-planes may be used against India
Washington is processing to sell 8 fighter-planes F-16 to Pak on being approved by American Congress to the deal; however it is a big concern among many members of American lawmakers lest these high-tech fighter-planes, instead anti-terrorist operations, may be used against India.
According to a published report in NYT, a few days earlier of meeting between President, Barack Obama, and the prime minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif, at Oval office the American congress was notified about the proposal of selling F-16planes.
Many members of congress perceive a little fear of fighter planes which may be used frequently, besides anti-terrorist operation, against India during the battle.
Nawaz Sharif on Tuesday has reached America on an official visit and he is to meet with Obama according to the schedule. If these fighter planes F-16 are brought in Pak, it will strengthen the air force of Pakistan. The Pakistan has already stockpiled more than 70 fighter plane F-16; and the dozens of French and Chinese made planes are available.
 According to the report, whether American Congress will approve this proposal of purchase deal or not is not clarified. The American foreign department had approved the purchase deal of military equipments worth 1 million dollar on Pak indent before this.