7th Pay Commission Submits Its Report in December

7th pay commission since January 2016

There is good news for the government servants. The union Government is going to implement the 7th pay commission since January 2016.
The commission will have to submit its reviewing report of new pay scales, its allowances and revising the pension respectively for the 48 lacs central employees and 55 lacs pensioners of central services till the end of year.
After the implementing of the seventh pay commission the 48 lakh central employees and 55 lakh pensioners will be benefitted. The 7th pay commission was constituted in February 2014 by the Government of Uttar Pradesh under the chairmanship of justice AK Mathur.
Finance Secretary Ratan P Watal told that, however the recommendation is to be effected since 1st of January 2016, the burden of payment will not much affect the government treasury in the running financial year. This will burden in next financial year.
It is expected that the commission may recommend to the government to retire for the age of 60 years superannuation or 33 years qualifying service, which come earlier.  Many of the employees may be retired before reaching their age 60 years.
The 6th pay commission increasing the minimum basic pay of Rs 3050 it to Rs 7730 had recommended and the 7th pay commission may be expected to enhance it Rs 15000.

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