Seth Rollins WWE title run is increasingly looking like a long term plan for WWE, and the latest insider indication is that he’ll be defending the belt at WrestleMania 32. If he then manages to make it through that night, there’s a good chance WWE will be pushing him onward to smash CM Punk’s modern era record of 434 days with the belt.
There’s speculation that WWE are simply doing with Rollins what they did with Nikki Bella outlasting AJ Lee’s record with the Divas Title. It is an attempt to erase a notable recent record from WWE history, all because the company fell out with the performer who set it.
In Rollins, WWE have perfect man to replace Punk. The current champion is another former star of the indies, and has established himself as the new best in the world. He’s as good as Punk ever was in terms of matches and promos.
The reign still has some way to go yet, Rollins is only on 189 days, and Punk’s record to beat was an astonishing 434 days. The straight edge star won the belt in November 2011 and only lost it in January 2013.
The key for Rollins is to stay hot enough to get booked to retain at WrestleMania. If he can leap that hurdle, he has a great shot at beating Punk.
What do you think? Is Seth Rollins’ title reign a WWE plot to replace CM Punk’s 434 record? Have your say in the comments and share the debate on social media.

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