Arun Shourie No Longer Party Member: BJP General Secretary


BJP overcame with Arun Shourie's pungent offensive on Modi's Government stating on Monday that he is not a member of the party.
Arun Singh, the BJP General Secretary,  said Shourie, recently during the party campaign for members renewal, did not subscribed for his membership; after which it has expired. He said all members would have to upgrade their subscriptions in every six years and Shourie did not enlist to the time.
Singh said, "Shourie is not now a member of the BJP; he did not enhanced his membership." M. Venkaiah Naidu, Union Ministers, addressing a press conference in the party headquarters,  dismissed Shourie's attacks on Government; he said, his thoughts were, neither shared by party, nor people. he said, "I disagree. It is the opinion of neither party nor public."
Shourie, has been a staunch supporter of Modi during the election campaign for Lok Sabha last year,  said on Monday, " the Central Government seems that the economy means to handle: the management handling " ; and the people has started  remembering the days of former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.
Shourie said, "the Government's policies of the kind: in which Congress has become how and the government has involved with cow."  While rejecting such accusations, Mr Naidu said that there is no scam, no scandal and no fault during this rule; and the BJP has been victorious of election  across the country.
 Naidu said, "we are in democratic country. it is his own opinion but the country differs." he said that the people are backing the Prime Minister  in all parts of country.

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