BJP picks vote by merchants hoarding and tells them responsible:Nitish Kumar

Bihar government does not crackdown on hoarding of pulses

Saurav Kumar
Patna;Bihar: A head-on clash between Modi and Nitish Kumar on Sunday with the rising prices of pulses came before the public.
Modi said in Patna rally, "Bihar government does not crackdown on the hoarding of pulses." Modi said, "Taking a dig at Lalu he said the bait eating are drinking now lentils."

Nitish Kumar responded in Hajipur. He said, "People of Bihar used to eat dal bhat in the past. Now the pulses have vanished from the plates. Please live in penance of eating rice with vegetables. BJP picks vote by merchants hoarding and tells them responsible."

The Prime Minister expressed confidence of the BJP's victory in Bihar; the people are in the mood to choose a new government. the hoarders will not be spared after November 8. However, Kumar said, " the anti votes have trailed them in first and second phase of polling which overwhelmed. The air in two phases has come out . The third stage will sweep."

Kumar said, "the Prime Minister show the figures to embarrass us. Further; if you come, please speak about -- Which state has an equal number of boys and girls in 9th grade?"
The boys and girls in Bihar will be taught English so that they do not feel inferior. the youth of Bihar come to know that, if there is restoration on the moon, they will reach there too. The BJP government in Jharkhand will not recruit a Bihari on peon post , but we do not stop here.

Kumar speared on PM rallies and foreign trip. he spoke, "after becoming prime minister either goes on the foreign trip or steps in election journey."
The Prime Minister said that your stay in the 25-years rule is at verge of end. If we have to save Bihar, we will go the way of youth development. I have dared to seek votes on development.

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