Hindus and Muslims Fight Against Poverty; Not Each Other: PM MODI BREAKS HIS SILENCE

Saurav Kumar:Patna
Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered a strong message on the mob killing of a Muslim man over beef rumours in Dadri U.P. on Thursday at a rally in Bihar Nawada. He said, "Hindus must decide whether they want to fight Muslims or poverty. Muslims must decide whether they want to fight Hindus or poverty."  The PM has been targeted for days over his silence on Dadri murder case. In a democracy everyone has the right to speak their mind. He added, “the bigger inspiration was blessed upon us by the president to follow his path."
"Pranab Mukerjea, President of India, said on Wednesday in his brief statement on the background of incident in Dadri after the rumours of beef eating that we must set up in our mind the values of foundation of diversity, tolerance and pluralism of Indian civil society."
Proclaiming that the youth of Bihar will 'change the state's destiny', Prime Minister said at a rally in Munger on Thursday, that the people in the poll-bound state should vote to end 'jungle raj'. This was the first of four rallies on Modi's campaign schedule for the day.
Taking a dig at the government's response to the announced special package worth Rs 1.65 crore to Bihar, Modi said, "The people want development, not false promises about special packages." Criticising the inaction of previous governments, he questioned why the youth in the state are forced to migrate to other parts of the country.
Modi launched a full-frontal attack on the RJD-JD(U)-Congress combine's grand alliance and said that the people of Bihar have already decided to bring in the BJP-led NDA alliance to form the next government.
"Bihar has decided to bring in the NDA government and move towards vikaasvad," Modi said, while addressing a huge crowd in Begusarai.
Modi, who has been silent over the Dadri lynching case so far, slammed Lalu Prasad Yadav for his remark on the issue and said, he insulted the people of Bihar and particularly Lalu's own community, the Yaduvanshis who had brought him to power. The prime minister has clearly identified the most relevant issues for him, as he made the same points at the Munger rally, albeit in a different order.
Modi said that the alliance is like the house of Bigg Boss. "They don't trust each other. They cannot stand each other. But they still want to form a government together. Before you vote, ask yourself — what has the maha-swaarth-bandhan done for you in the past 60 years?"
Modi said in Samastipur that the people of Bihar will teach a lesson to political parties which display arrogance. He raised the issue of lack of infrastructure and development in Bihar, asking, "Does Bihar not want good roads and good education?"
Modi also took a dig at caste politics ahead of elections in the state, saying, "Politicians who spread the venom of casteism cannot lead Bihar to progress." He also repeated his exhortation to the people to choose between Jungle Raj and Vikaas Raj.
While speaking about the lack of infrastructure in the state, he also spoke about the need for toilets for women, saying that they have to go out at night to relieve themselves.

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