KJ George, Home Minister Karnataka: Gang-rape -- Raped By 3-4 Persons At Least!

file photo KJ George
 The leaders of the country whether they belong any parties or province did not hesitate to speak any controversial statement. The latest statement, ‘“If a woman is raped by two males, the rape cannot be framed as the gang-rape,” he said’, came from Karnatak a South Western province of India on Friday. The home minister of state, KJ George argued on talking to a news channel

  The disputed statement by the state home minister is now being criticized. KJ George defined the gang-rape in new way on news channel. He told that the incident of a gang-rape must have been attempted  by 3-4 persons at least; then it can be termed as gang-rape.
The statement of home minister came on the questioning after the incident of gang-rape with a woman employee of a BPO. The taxi driver in this connection has been arrested. The duo accused hailed from the district Chikmagalur in Karnataka. Both of these were working for the past 3 years.

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