No 'beef' consumed in Dadri murder

Aftermath of incident: family  in Bishra Village Dadri UP
Spreading rumors in the area about a family 'storing and consuming beef' was announced through the microphone of temple; a mob of 100 people targeted the home.
Mohammed Akhlaq, 50, was beaten to death and during the attack his son, Danish,22, was severely injured this Monday night at village Bisara in Dadri UP.
Kiran S. the Senior Superintendent of Police, Gautam Budh Nagar, told, “Preliminary investigation revealed that an announcement about the family 'storing and eating the beef' was made by using the microphone and speaker from a temple.”
Sajida,18, Akhlaq daughter narrating the event and told, “ a group of 100 people from the village” stood in front of my house that night.
Sajida said, “They accused us of keeping cow meat; breaking the door they trespassed into house; and started beating my father and the brother. My father was dragged outside the house and beaten with bricks. We came to know later that an announcement had been made from the temple about our family eating beef.”
Kiran said, “We have been told that a group of people entered the temple and used a microphone and the speaker to make the announcement. We have collected meat samples from Akhlaq house and sent it to the forensics department for lab examination.”
 The BJP leaders from Uttar Pradesh suggested that if there was beef in the house, the victim was at fault. They also said the accused should be charged with culpable homicide and not murder, threatened to hold Mahapanchayat in Bisara village if their demands are not met.
The president of Rihai Manch Muhammad Shueb said, " a few of over 100 communal people announced that the local resident Akhlaq eat beef using microphone in a temple at Dadri; by the way they attacked on a family; and killed Akhlaq,50, by using  bricks beating." shows the communal politics has made the people murderer.
RSS has so much pressurized, "that any so-called secular parties, condemning the event by visiting the spot, do not want to offend their Hindu vote."
 Indicating the invocation of the stern law, Uttar Pradesh Principal Home Secretary Debashish Panda said, "This was no ordinary killing and therefore merits the use of the strictest laws so that others are deterred from indulging in such acts in future."

Meanwhile, the local administration in Noida, under whose jurisdiction Dadri falls, have also confirmed that the meat stored in Akhlaq’s home was simply mutton and not beef as had been claimed by his murderers.
 "We have got the meat samples picked up from Akhlaq’s fridge tested by our animal husbandry department experts who said quite affirmatively that it was not beef at all," Noida district magistrate N P Singh told on telephone.

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