Not taken Concrete Action Against Terrorist: Kerry lashed out on Pak

Nawaz Sharif, PM of Pakistan, during his visit to America on Thursday in a crowded meeting was lashed out not strongly act against the terrorism.
When the American Foreign Minister, John Kerry, lashed out on Nawaz Sharif, the Pakistani journalist began the protest in press conference.
Actually, the PM of Pakistan is on trip to America. He accused there India on the issue of Kashmir and terrorism. 
John Kerry, the American Foreign Minister, on Thursday during a joint press conference  talked stridently to Nawaz Sharif not taking concrete action against the terrorist groups: namely, Lashkar-e-Taiba harbouring in Pak; and Haqqani, in Afghanistan.
According to a Pak news channel, Sami Abraham, seeing such treatment of reprimanding before the crowd, objected this action. Sami said, “the foreign minister should have maintained the respect of PM before media and should not talk in such attitude." However the step taken by the journalist  stood against him and the protest  by the media personnel has begun in America.
 It is noticeable, John Kerry had earlier told him, "Sharif would have to take the concrete action against Haqqani group." However Pakistan did not take any step in.

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