Scientist PM Bhargava returns Padma Bhushan

October 29: The renown scientist, Pushp Mitra Bhargav in protest for the intolerance in society has decided to return his Padma Bhushan  award. He alleged that the NDA government is trying to convert democracy into religious dictatorship.

PM Bhargava is one more person who has joined into the protest campaign for intolerance. He is the founder of Center for Cellular And Molecular Biology in Hyderabad and said that he is going to return his award which he had achieved in 1986.

He perceived the reality that the country's prevailing condition is  appalling. Simultaneously it is hazardous to the thoughts of scientific, rationalism, and logic. 

Bhargav told, "I have decided to return the award. That the ruling government is following  the way apart from democracy is the reason behind it and tending to change the country's system into repugnant Hindu religion like Pakistan."  It is unacceptable; I  have felt the unacceptability of it.
Bhargav alleged that such people have been appointed on many important posts, who had some  relation with the RSS. He alleged for not fulfilling the promise which the Modi government had assured and said, " I can return the award mere being a scientist."

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