BJP Strategists Into Tizzy Second Humiliating Consecutive Defeat: Time For Introspection

Bihar people defied the high-octane campaign by Amit Shah and Narendra Modi and voted Nitish Kumar and allies back into power. The thumping victory sent both, the pollsters and BJP strategists into a tizzy because none of them had expected BJP to lose so miserably in the mother land of all electoral battles: Bihar.
After the crushing defeat, the Parliamentary board, the BJP's top decision-making body decided to meet at 4pm to analyse its rout in polls, a second humiliating consecutive defeat in a row for the party after the Delhi assembly election. More than the defeat, it is the scale that has stung the party as it was expecting cohesive social arithmetic in its favour against the grand alliance of JD(U)-RJD-Congress.

Shatrughan Sinha, the BJP leader, message of action on him after the party defeat in Bihar Assembly Election 2015 met with Nitish Kumar. After the meeting, he said, “I did nothing wrong, but the defeat accountability in Bihar must be introspective.” He said “I’m unaware of the party action against me.”
Shatrughan said, "I'm in party so long, the party’s order is ordinance for me." When asked about the meeting, he said that Nitish and Lalu have the family relations. The meeting should not be taken as political view. The meeting is absolutely personal, not political.
Both of them were earlier informed, “The defeat cause may be framed by the party hierarchy to make accountable to RK Singh and Shatrughan Sinha."  The decision of accountability may be taken in the meeting of parliamentary board on Monday evening. The senior leaders will participate in the meeting. After the result Shatrughan said , “if clap to captain, blame to captain.”
After the result, Murli Dhar Rao, the BJP General Secretary had said that the trickster activity of a few leaders caused the party loss. He had added. “On the one hand, the party workers were preparing the election campaign; these persons were defaming the image of their own party on the other hand.”
He had reminded then, “They would have to face the decision of time.”
Shatrughan and RK Singh had been speaking anti-party statement and RK Singh had alleged that the LJP, alliance with the BJP, gave tickets having taken money. The NDA is allocating tickets to the criminals. Shatrughan was annoyed during the election campaign and also hitting the statement on PM Modi.
Lessons learnt...hopefully. Time to forgive, forget & work towards a better future with passion, dedication, teamwork, humility, commitment.
— Shatrughan Sinha (@ShatruganSinha) November9, 2015
The leaders of BJP were continued the meeting with RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat on whole day. The meeting started on 4 Pm. Rajnath Singh met Bhagwat first on Sunday evening. The meeting ended 1.30 hours later. Amit Shah came to meet with early morning of Monday. Both of them talked on Bihar election as well as on the reservation issue till 2 hours.

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