Bulletins Start With Result of ‘English Premier League Matches’ Instead of Irish Sports

A call has been made for RTÉ television to change its policy where every news bulletin, “starts with the result of English Premier League matches” instead of Irish sports results and excludes results from women’s sports.
Fianna Fáil Senator Paschal Mooney said this happened particularly at weekends, but was not a feature on RTÉ radio, which “always ensures Irish sports results are given first”.

Connacht final

Mr Mooney said that “not a single line appeared on the television sports results” last Sunday night about the Connacht senior ladies’ football final between Kilkerrin-Clonberne of Co Galway and Kiltubrid, Co Leitrim” but all the Premiership results were given first.
“I do not suggest they should not be given, but they were given first, followed by all of the domestic sports results, excluding the result of the women’s football game.”
The Leitrim-based Senator said the national broadcaster should “be more inclusive in the results broadcast on air”.
He added: “It is not simply because it happened to involve a team from my home county. This is a consistent policy in RTÉ.”
The Senator added: “I hope somebody in RTÉ is listening to me.”
He acknowledged that RTÉ radio had a different policy but the issue related to the station’s operational procedures.
“I hope other voices will join mine to ensure women’s sport in Ireland is given the due regard it deserves,” he said.
Seanad leader Maurice Cummins agreed “there was no excuse for excluding the recent women’s provincial football results”.
He said he supported the call for “the equality of coverage by the national broadcaster”.

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