CESS snip pockets of peopple

The union government has clarified that Swachh Bharat CESS is not a tax, but it will confirm the contribution of every citizen into Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. The government added that the census of India is 120 million; the country wide cleaning is a big concern for us; and to redress these concerns we must have to plan better.
In fact, those who have the accountability of work, they are toiling continue; therefore the CESS has been implemented.
The tax for clean India has been imposed on all the services which is within the limit of service taxes. This will snip the pocket of every citizen who stays in hotels, used mobile, sim, railway and air traveling. The levy on clean India will increase the rates of all these services.
The mobile services to rail and air traveling have become dearer now. It is effective since November 15. All the service taxes are to be added additionally under the provision. Railway has issued a circular for the purpose. According to circular, the rail tickets of first and all the AC class will be 4.35% more dearer. How costly journey from Delhi to Mumbai is  the Rs 206 will have to pay more by the passenger for the mail or express train; from Delhi to Howrah is the Rs 102 for the AC-III; from Delhi to Chennai is the Rs 140 for the AC-II including service tax and Swachh Bharat Abhiyan CESS.
Clean India CESS rate is 0.5%. It is admissible all those services, which have been under service tax. The rail tickets, phone bills, cinema tickets, including all services with food will be dearer now. However the payments of services which have been earlier 15th of November need not to be revised.
The provision of abatement or discount like service tax is applicable on Clean India CESS; namely, if the rebate on 60% part of restaurant bill is given means remaining 40% of bill is to be taxed; it on whole bill is 5.6% and including CESS it will be 5.8% only. Whatever the provision of penalty rules on service tax is applicable is also going to implement on it. However the businessmen will not be eligible to get the cenvat credit on the CESS like service tax.
The taxable money will be spent for the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. The Swachh Bharat CESS will earn 400 crore. This CESS has been imposed on the current rates 14% of service tax. The remaining months of financial years will accumulate 400 crore.
According to the government agency, malaria, dengue, diarrhea, jaundice --- all outbreak because of the polluted air. This increases our expenditure on health problems.
 According to the data, the expense of government has reached to 6700 crore every financial year on health welfare. The allocation of fund for the purpose of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan will save from these diseases and the citizens will well be

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