Congress Anti-National Party; Derecognize It: Sukhbir Singh Badal, Dy CM of Punjab


Deputy Chief Minister of Punjab, Sukhbir Singh Badal’ scathing attack on congress, said, “Congress is co-operating the terrorists.”
He alleged that the Congress in Punjab is intending to prevail the situation like the decade 1980.
The Deputy Chief Minister, Sukhbir Singh Badal, swarmed with serious allegation on Congress in press conference, said the vice president of congress, Rahul Gandhi, is now the game in the hands of terrorist. 
The few legislatures in Punjab Congress were accused of that they had passed the resolution of Khalistan proposal participated in a rally on 10 November.
The congress legislatures; namely, Inderjeet Jira, Ramanjeet Siki together congress leader Jagdish Singh Jinda were the presence of that rally where the flags of Pro-Khalistan were waved.
He asked whether the congress can deny their presence in the rally?... Badal added, ‘The Congress in the leadership of Rahul Gandhi has made its grand alliance with the terrorist organizations.’
Badal claimed, in that rally made Jathedar actually of offensive background were the leaders of congress.
He said, Rahul Gandhi is trying to instate the old days of terrorism and we will go to the president to lodge our complaint. 
Badal said, “His party will appeal on meeting with the president to declare the congress anti-national party:  ‘because, it is a party which has the connection with the terrorists is trying to spread the unrest in Punjab.'"
Badal added further, ‘Indira had attacked on Swarn Mandir, Rajiv spilled the 84 riots, and Rahul is to revisit the history desiring to spread unrest in the state.’                         

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