Hundreds protest as Chicago releases video of cop shooting

The video release on sensational murder of black teen boy,17, by American police officer erupted violence in Chicago city. The police officer had fired 17 rounds on the teen boy in last year 2014.
The government will begin a trial of murder on the accused officer. The police have now released the video graph on the incident. The Chicago city is now tense after the releasing of video. The crowd of demonstrators gathered to an organized protest. The sporadic incident of scuffle between the police and demonstrators during the protest were reported.

The 16 rounds bullet were shot by Jason Van Dyke on 17 years old Laquan McDonald in the Dash cam video shows. In the video: McDonald runs the mid of street towards a police van; he moves up his pant and the boy began to step back distance from Van Dyke and his companion. A few moments later, the body rotates Laqan McDonald and he falls down on the footpath. McDonald then raises his head; shakes his hand and dies after chest injury by bullet.
Anita Alvarez, the attorney of cook county state, said with the media after being accused of 1st degree murder, “the graphic: it is violent; it is dreadful. It is very painful incident of 17 years old boy dying violently in such a way and I have no doubts in the connection that the residents of Chicago will be overwhelmed seeing the video.”
The boy was not being helped by any coming officers, and he was in pool of blood.
The Chicago Tribune says it is first incident happened during the last 30 years when a police officer on duty has been accused of 1st degree of murder.

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