I am very pleased with chance; I am here: PM Modi said with Armed Force

Prime Minister Narendra Modi celebrating Diwali festival with Armed force personnel in Amritsar, Punjab
The Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, on Wednesday reached Dogarai war memorial at Khasa in Amritsar and offered the wreaths. He celebrated, and also shared, the festival of lights (Diwali) together soldier consecutive second year. He said, "The army's valor and character make due respect of India in the world."
The PM's statement came when many ex-army personnel are demonstrating on the issue of OROP. He said, “the OROP has been notified the provision to the ex-army personnel.”
I spent time with our soldiers and we had a wonderful conversation.
-    Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) November11, 2015

The Dograi memorial was a tough conflict zone where the Indian army defeated the enemy on 22 September 1965. The PM also offered the flowers on the tomb of Param Vir Chakra Winner, Company Quarter Master, Havildar Abdul Hamid.
Modi mentioned the event, Hameed had destroyed 3 tanks of enemy and created the hurdle of a concrete attack -- was injured!
The PM Modi tweeted,  “I pay tribute to Abdul Hameed, CQMH. He was bestowed posthumously Param Vir Chakra.”
-    “In the 1965 war, the battle of Dograi on Sept 22, 1965 was one of the toughest battles fought and won by our forces — Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) November11, 2015
The PM, addressing to army personnel, said, “I am here with you to celebrate Diwali; I am very pleased with the chance.” In appraisal words he said, “valor, dedication and dreams — all the character made the respectful image of India in the whole world… Not only by the attire; but the character of army personnel have been the chief cause….” He said during the address, “You all are like my family members.”

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