ISIS 6 Minutes New Video Release Threatens US

The terrorist organization, ISIS, now is intending to attack the white house in America; and is hatching a conspiracy to attack again in Paris, the French capital. The information of such attack was threatened through a 6 minutes video released by ISIS.
According to Middle East Media Research Institute at Washington, the video of IS named ‘Paris before Rome’ was recorded at Dijla province of Iraq. A terrorist in the video to attack on French monuments and white house can be seen threatening. These terrorists had already threatened to attack in America and Britain.
The IS terrorist says in video, ‘we started with you, and we shall finish the false white house. We will blow up the white house just like we blew up here’s statue.’ The second terrorist in the video said threatening Barack Obama and Francois Hollande, ‘We shall blow you up by our suicide boxes and car bombs. We will be behind; wherever you will be going.’
ISIS has threatened the attack on New York city releasing video earlier. The new video exactly a day after this release came out threatening on white house. The FBI Director, James Comey, said, “That about the terror attack in America like Paris is unknown to me; and the Paris invaders and America are looked no connection between them."

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