Kacha Baniyan gang man cought by residents

By our correspondent
Faizabad UP :The people, resident of Haider Ganj under Kotwali area in Faizabad, allegely caught a member of Kacha Baniyan gang on Sunday. The man looked like eunuch. He is wearing an earring in the nose and ears and a briefs.
According to the residents, a few unidentified men scaled inside over wall from back of a factory in Haider ganj. When the owner alarmed sensing some foul, they all fled again scaling out from place. One of the members hid in the bush there, remaining others fled away from the scene. After combing nearby, the people succeeded in catching this man. The people manhandled him ruthlessly and handed over him to police. He told the police that he was with his 8 accomplice who have fled from there.

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