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Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Kamal Hassan Said On Intolerance: Forsaken Of Awards Insult Fans And Government

By on Tuesday, November 03, 2015
Sharad Dube: Mumbai
Our correspondent: Kamal Hassan, South Indian Actor, has broken his silence on the issue of tolerance and intolerance. He said, " He will not return his national award. The awardee  must consider the other way to protest the issue, not by returning."
The country is under intolerance since 1947 and because of it was the spoilage of division. 

It  must be banned and there should be discussion on intolerance in every 5 years. He said, "A few are doing such to achieve the cheap popularity. It will result nothing.  You will abase the fans and government in lieu of returning the respect, 'whose greetings brought you on this verge.'" 

I am not a religious man, but I respect every religion. If the awards are forsaken, it can nothing change; it will attract the attention merely on the issue,  but if they write about the issue, it will attract more heed of people.

It is the season of giving up the awards.  Many legends of film  indusrty and literary men have declared to return their awards in this season.