Mastermind of Paris Attack Killed In Raid On Flat In Saint Denis

The suspect mastermind, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, to attack the French capital has been killed eventually by French police on Wednesday at Saint Denis. Phone and financial intercepts point confirmed to his presence in the building.
As the anti-terrorist squads entered into the building, there reported the presence of two.
The woman was seen at the window of the flat. She has been named in various media reports as Hasna Aitboulachen, a cousin of Abaaoud.
Dominique, a woman living in a nearby building, told that shortly after 06:00 she heard two explosions in short succession and more gunshots firing out.
More gunshots follow, and multiple explosions, with one of them likely to be the woman blowing herself up. 
The police had released the photograph of most wanted man on Sunday night.
Nine people were arrested in Brussels during six raids in Belgium linked to Stade de France bomber Bilal Hadfi. At least two were arrested in connection with Friday's attacks, and there are currently already two suspects in Belgian custody charged with terrorist murder and belonging to a terrorist group. French police also raided the home of the mother of the Saint-Denis suicide bomber Hasna Aitboulahcen.
 Meanwhile, the mastermind of attacks was identified. Suspect named Abdelhamid Abaaoud was the leader of some cell in Islamic state. The police was already searching him, but he could not be clutched.
Police had seen him with two persons in fox wagon polo car after the attack. Even the ID card was checked, but let go. The reality of this man was reckoned aftermath. He was living in Brussels. The police issued premonition to the public that the man was a dangerous terrorist. If the man is looked somewhere --- nobody should go there and inform police immediately.
It is assumed that this man is a Belgian citizen of morocco origin. The Belgian police was searching the man since after the gun battle in January this year. The police raided the Islamic state cell, but he could not be nabbed. He was living long in Syria. The video clips of this man were released, and then the police recognized this man. The terrorist was behind the attacks on the going train to Paris and the church in August this year.
104 suspected persons have been kept in house arrest so far. The special investigative team said that at least 20 persons were backing-conspirator behind this attack. The international efforts were underway to apprehend these. More than 150 possessions in France were raided and the man was killed.

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