Proliferation of Intolerance; Breaking Unity Among Young -- endangering country


 Ranjeet Ray, Our Correspondant
FAIZABAD: A symposium on the current politics and youth leadership by Insaaf Abhiyan Uttar Pradesh by RIHAI MANCH has organized on Wednesday in Journalist Training Institute Faizabad UP.
The students, the youths and the intellectuals passed a resolution against proliferation of intolerance in country; and supported campaigner, Irom Sharmila,  from 15 years.
Called upon the youths  Anil Singh said,  they have the responsibility on their shoulders to protect the country, but the youths have been deviated from their aim.
Mr. Anis said that the religions are disseminated wrongly and being communalized are a cause of concern today.
"The communal and corporate powers are conspiring to break the unity among the youths on the name of religion and caste", said R D Anand.
Mr.Dinesh Singh said, the politics under propaganda was spreaded among the youths  as to prevail the instinct of detest. The such concept has to change; to change the politics. The youths have to lead to clean the dirty politics.
Insaf Abhiyan will continue the campaign in the village to village and the Neighborhoods to neighborhoods.

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