Tamilnadu School Asked Students To Have Wrist Bands Based On Race: NHRC Sent Notice

National Human Right Commission of India issued a notice on Thursday to Tamilnadu government(Southern State). The case of students’ discrimination by caste with different colour bands tied on wrist in a district has been considered the matter suo motu by the commission when media published the report on the incident. The school students were asked to have been tied different color bands on wrist.
It has been reported that the students of schools in Tirunelveli district were asked that they tied the wrist bands according to their racial colours. The commission said whatever media reported if correct, it is very serious matter of contravening of human right.
Commission, issuing notice, asked to the district collector of Tirunelveli and the chief secretary of social welfare department to submit the factual report in this connection within two weeks. It has been said in media report that the district administration officials found by probing the clash among the student groups: They were used the wrist bands to have been targeted the students on racial base.

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