Vladimir Putin vows revenge

1 Kg TNT potential country-made bomb exploded on aircraft; killed 224 passengers: Russian intelligence
Vladimir Putin has ordered his special team, “The persons who blew the passenger plane must be searched and disposed them wherever their bases may be.”
The Russian plane which crashed in Sinai of Egypt last month was targeted by terror attack. chief of Russian intelligence, Aleksandr V. Bortnikov, When informed President Vladimir Putin,  made him madden. 
224 people died in the attack were boarded on the plane on October 31 last month. The ISIS had taken the responsibility of attack.
President Putin made an official statement issued by federal security service. It was mentioned, “We need their names. Wherever they may hide, we will search them every place; we can access any place and will punish them.”
Putin said, “We know the way to teach the lesson; it is not a maiden event when the Russians are facing any hardcore terrorist attack.”
He added that whoever would come to help in exploring the den of these terrorists, he would be awarded. The government of Russia has declared 50 lakhs Dollar.

The foreign ministry will work jointly in this task. He stressed the ministry to contact with all the friend countries; to request it to search these killers; and to ask the help to Russian with every possible resource to catch them.
The country-made bomb was planted in plane, it was reported. Bortnikov said, “The 1 kg TNT potential country-made bomb exploded on the aircraft which was blown into fragments." I am sure, “It was committed by the terrorist; the black box of aircraft has signaled the bomb presence on plane.”

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