Whole Army Can't Defend Against Terrorists: Farooq Abdullah

The former chief minister of J-K and the president of national conference, Dr. Farooq Abdullah said if the whole Indian army deployed in J-K, the government cannot save us from the terrorists. He added, “Unless the talks between India and Pakistan are restored, the situation cannot be controlled. I am talking you today; tomorrow the terrorist can kill us; but whatever I speak absolutely true.”
Abdullah claimed that neither so much merit in India that it took control of Pakistan-Occupied-Kashmir; nor so in Pakistan that it could get back Jammu and Kashmir.
Abdullah had said on Friday that Pakistan-Occupied-Kashmir will remain with Pakistan. “The media is less-listening,” he said them in the instructive mood.
He said on the issue of Aamir Khan that Aamir talked about the intolerance in India while media is posing the question of deserting the country. He said that the media must review the impact of its stand before reporting exclusive matter, which it seldom or never consider about.
Nawaz Sharif is the prime minister of Pakistan, but the army here has the real power. He added that, if Pak army intended to depose Nawaz, it can do so – since the army there has prevalent a phobia in people that nobody can save the Pakistan people from India.
Recalling the former prime minister, Atal Bihari Bajpai, farooq said that Atal Ji had said going there that India had accepted Pakistan sovereignty as a separate state and India wanted the friendly relation with Pak. Despite all these, Pakistan army has maintained a fear of India among the people of Pakistan.Bottom of Form
Many times proposal to solve the Kashmir issue is brought in parliament. Dr.Abdullah asked that many such proposals were introduced, but what did the parliament do about Pak-Occupied-Kashmir to get back so far?
He said America is not the friend of any country. It is merely the friend of its own, that sell the weapons to use on others. Farooq said that every election is weakening India.

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