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Thursday, December 31, 2015

10 Shocking Theories About WWE In 2016

By on Thursday, December 31, 2015

 2016 is yet to begin and yet we’re all speculating on what the year will bring. It never turns out exactly as we (try to) predict, but that doesn’t stop us from giving it the old college try and offering our two cents on who will return, who will debut, who will be fired because of their racially insensitive social media history and so on and so forth…
Although a great many fans’ – and critics, for that matter – opinions are as far-fetched as Sheamus being named the greatest WWE Champion of the millennium, there are some theories floating about which are, upon investigation, quite believable. Shocking, for various reasons, but believable nonetheless.
They’re no less shocking than Roman Reigns winning the WWE Title on Raw, or surprise return Alberto Del Rio cleanly beating John cena on PPV by kicking his face off, or Hulk Hogan being ‘erased’ from WWE after a racism controversy, all of which happened in 2015.
Seperating the fact from the faked in pro-wrestling is hard enough, given the nature of the business itself, but I have taken some of these theories and looked at all the angles, weighing-up the likelihood of each event happening in the process.
If any of the following happen in 2016, try to remember that you heard it here first…once you get over the initial shock, of course.

Selected Candidates In Police Recruitment 2013 Demanded Appointment Letters

By on Thursday, December 31, 2015
Candidates staging indefinite Dharna at Laxman Mela Maidan Lucknow --- photo by Priya Bhatt
 The candidates who havequalified the selection in the police recruitment 2013 were demanding their appointment letters staging indefinite Dharna on Wednesday at Laxman Mela Maidan in Lucknow.
According to the candidates, the police recruitment board had formed two batches: the 12687 of the 20166 candidates in first batch were appointed for training; and 25628 candidates including the remaining from first batch have been waiting their appointments and police training yet.
One of the candidates told the correspondent that they went in Janta Darbar (court of chief minister for public grievances organized by the state government), but the security guard forbade the entrance of candidates’ having co-relation with the police recruitments. They further requested, “Mere 2 women representative to put the aspect of demand may be allowed”, but was futile there.
They were chanting slogans staging Dharna at Maidan: Inquilab Zindabad; Niyukti Patra Zari Karo (Issue the appointment letters).

The candidates future prospects is in dead end while the court in its impugned order on November 16, 2015 had directed the government to issue the appointment letter excluding the candidates who were affected by the horizontal reservation. The candidates were demanding the appointment letters. 

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Indian officials were concerned such sudden visit of PM to Lahore

By on Tuesday, December 29, 2015
PM Modi greeted Sharif's birthday on telephone; Sharif said to provide him a chance to hospitality: Narendra Modi accepted proposal

PM Modi when visited from Kabul to Pakistan surprised the world on Friday. It is reported that after being assured the security by Pakistan government the PM visit was confirmed. It was pre-scheduled that after landing PM Modi in Pakistan at Lahore airport he would go upto Jati Umra in helicopter of his counterpart Nawaz Sharif.
The whole story behind this visit is when the PM Modi greeted Sharif's birthday on telephone; Sharif, inviting Modi, said to provide him a chance to the hospitality. Mr Sharif was in Lahore; He called PM Modi in Lahore. PM Modi accepted the proposal; but the security to the SPG was a big concern.
The Pakistan government, to assure India the PM Modi’s security, confirmed that Sharif and Modi would be together in the same helicopter upto Jati Umra.
The official added to the visit of both sides, on condition of not being disclosed their names, told an English news daily that the security officials of both the countries had talked on phone two times about the sudden visit. After these phone calls the security was assured and it was confirmed that the crew may leave for New Delhi after the halt for a few hours in Lahore. Then Modi tweeted and declared his visit to Lahore.
It was not less than a challenge for SPG to arrange such sudden visit of PM to Lahore, according to the security official. Since every arrangement of security for sudden visit is available in Islamabad; the institutionalized security protocol is available there; but no such facility set up is available in Lahore. This caused the SPG a big concern of PM security. But when Pakistan assured the security, the visit could be confirmed.
Nawaz Sharif welcomed Modi at Lahore airport. The both leaders boarded on the airforce helicopter of Pakistan; left for Jatti Umra. That both the prime ministers were safe was relied when they went on same helicopter.
Modi visited Raiwind palace home of Nawaz Sharif and blessed her granddaughter; he touched the feet of Sharif’s mother and took her boon.
The PM’s visit was appreciated in the whole world. The Pakistani media had dubbed it diplomatic master stroke for Modi.
It was first visit of PM to Pakistan after last decade. Former PM of India Mr Atal Bihari Bajpai had visited Pakistan in 2004.

It is seen as a good sign for the resumption of the peace process between the two countries.

Police take necessary action and step up against organized criminal gangs: Nitish Kumar

By on Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Saurau Kumar
Patna: The Chief Minister of Bihar, Mr Nitish Kumar, called a meeting to review the law and order situation and the functioning of state home ministry, asked the increasing crime in state with the Police Chief PK Thakur and other Senior Officers.
He questioned with these officers why were the indulged criminals in the offence not being caught? He ordered to take necessary action and to step up against the organized criminal gangs. The Bihar Police is now in pressure and active. 
The Police teams are investigating various places to unearth the involved gangs for committing the murder of two engineers on not paying the extortions money.
The STF team reached Darbhanga from Patna. The police raided on many places of darbhanga, Shivhar, Sitamadhi, Muzzaffarpur.
 An informer of the murderers has been arrested by the STF in the case of double murder. The informer has been accused of informing for the shooters about the both engineers.
IG Sushil Kumar Khopre told, “Police is searching the assailants based on the information told by informer. STF, SIT and Operation teams have investigated and questioned more than a dozen people. According to Dharbhanga Police, the mastermind of murder has the connection with an important Political Party.
It is very important that Santosh Jha is being understood the chief conspirator.  In front the house of Jha's sister, both the engineers were executed; the murderers had thrown a pamphlet after committing the murder; the Police are investigating on the line of the pamphlet.

The Police hope that the dirty play of Santosh Jha gang will unearth soon, which is active in Sheohar and Sitamarhi. The families of both the engineers Mukesh and Brijesh of road Construction Company are in grief. The engineer Mukesh survived with a son and a daughter, who have lost their father.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Our lives value always is promoting tolerance instead of discrimination based on race and religion: Rajnath Singh

By on Monday, December 28, 2015

Home Minister Rajnath Singh stated bluntly amid worldwide growing network of brutal ISIS on Sunday, "The terrorist organization can never step its foot in the country."  Singh further added, "The ISIS can never be able to deceive Indian Muslims."
Home Minister said in 'Strength training' program organized by Maulana Azad University, “IS is being discussed plenty in the world nowadays.”
“I have read in the newspaper that IS done it…did that”, he said.  Syria is under attack, all the things that are happening; but I would say being the Home Minister of India, even if any child would have being crazy anywhere; that somebody attempted to stop him doing so are the Indian Muslims, followers of Islam!
He added: "You will be surprised that a Muslim boy in Mumbai was trapped in radicalism. Her mother and father came to me and said, take, save my child; he wants to go to Syria. I embraced them that such are people of India." The Home Minister said that the world is facing the (IS) crisis.
Rajnath Singh said, " The distress and fear of IS may be in rest of the world place, but I am confident that our community of people have commitment to the life values; and the presence of these in any case cannot be IS dominance in India. I say it avowedly."
The minister said, "Tens of thousands Imams marched against IS. The culture of India is of the same charisma. Our responsibility is yours to keep and preserve this culture. I definitely say that if we will preserve the culture of India, a force can never stop becoming as the world's most powerful, wealthy and wise country."
He said that not only India but the entire world are speaking of terrorism, separatism and Maoism, but only education cannot give it end. Letter knowledge is not enough. The resolution to the values is essential. If the value will not be, the liberation cannot be attained from these crises.
The high degree youths who are engaged in such activities are making a difference in their thinking, which created these circumstances.
He said the British people had tried to say that India has been zero, but zero was invented in India.
 Indian mathematics, medicine and astronomy in the world have offered a lot. 
India had been established long before as the center of knowledge as Oxford and Harvard is currently.
He said, “Our lives value always is promoting tolerance instead of discrimination based on race and religion."
When the Persian people were banished from their country, they have the highest respect in India. It is a miracle of education and culture of our country.
The Home Minister said that India is the only country in the world where Muslims have 72 theologies. In any Islamic country all these theology do not live together.
Lucknow MP and the Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Sunday visited the kitchen of Akshaya Patra Foundation.
They inspected in the kitchen cooking and the quality of food and ate even with schoolchildren.
Akshaya Patra Foundation, nearly 1 million children in the public schools of the state, is supplying the mid-day meal (MDM) supplements.

Home Minister will put the foundation-stone of the NIA office on December 28 at 11 am Gomti Nagar area in state capital. He will leave for New Delhi at 12:40 p

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Husband sent her to go to bed with his brother; he bed in with brother's girlfriend

By on Sunday, December 27, 2015

Kanpur: a surprising and sensational case of wives swapping in Uttar Pradesh has been disclosed. According to the report, such incident was took place in Chakeri area of Kanpur 100 kilometer away from the state capital.
A woman has registered an FIR against her husband and  opened the whole story of suffering. The police told that the victimised woman’s husband had taken her national capital Delhi where he made her illicit relation with his friend many times in lieu of friend’s girlfriend.
The police added, “The alleged husband is away from the police reach; and the police is searching to nab.”
The woman told police that her husband had taken her to his cousin’s house in Delhi 6 months ago. The husband in inebriated condition told her to go to bed with his brother and went to make illicit relation with brother’s girlfriend.
The mal-practices were continuing after this relation. He once again repeated the exchange practice with his friend’s wife in Kanpur. As she was pregnant, she refused the proposal of her husband. Her husband manhandled her brutally which resulted the feticide in her womb. The doctor told that she would never be mother of a babe after her medical check-up.

Two Engineers Shot Dead In Bihar For Not Paying Extortion Money

By on Sunday, December 27, 2015

Saurav Kumar:26 December 2015
Patna:Two engineers shot dead on not paying the extortion money of Road Construction Company in district Darbhanga Bihar. The incident took place near Shivram village under police station Baheri District Darbhanga. Two motor bikes borne four unidentified assailants shot on the project engineer Mukesh and his assistant engineer Brijesh while both were supervising the construction work at the site. The assailants after committing crime fled from the spot.
Both the injured engineers were rushed to Darbhanga Medical College DMCH where the doctors declared them ‘brought dead’. The police trying to investigate took five persons in custody after the incident. According to source, Mukesh hailed from Lakhisarai District; and Brijesh, of Rohtas from Bihar.
Both men were working for the road project of BSC-C and C Construction Company; and the work was in progress in the district Darbhanga. 
According to report, the company was working the construction of highway number 88 between Warnapura of Samastipur and Rosiary quay of Darbhanga.
The project was worth of Rs 780 crore. According to police, the criminals were continuously threatening company on call for not paying the extortion money demanded
The company had already complaint in police, where the work was going on. The police forces were present there; in spite of all these, the incident occurred.

Janata Dal (United) spokesperson Dr Ajay Alok said, "Those who are responsible for the offense will not be spared. They will be caught and put behind the bars. No compromise is allowable on such incident or against Law and order in the state; it is our priority.”

Friday, December 25, 2015

Veteran Actoress Sadhana Dies At 74 In Mumbai

By on Friday, December 25, 2015

Mumbai: Sadhna, beauteous actress, during the decade of 60 died on Friday after prolong illness. She was the top actress in history of Hindi films. She was suffering cancer since long.  Her mouth's surgery was done due to be oral cancer. She died in Mumbai at Hinduja hospital. 
Sadhna performed her film acting so appealing that the heart throbbing of men and youths were infatuated for her. She acted in 35 Hindi films; namely, Aarjoo, Waqt, Mera Saya, Mere Mehboob, Love in Shimla, and Who Kaun Thi, Raj Kumar.
Her acting with actor Rajendra Kumar in Arzoo was a tragic story, which she performed and got the fame in Hindi cinema. The song: Bedardi Balma Tujhko Mera Man Yaad Karta Hai (beloved heartless thee my heart misses) at box office during the release the film made a record viewers.
The people who are her fan are expressing grief continuously on her death. According to the source, The body of veteran actress will be carried for last rites on Saturday from her residence at Santacruz Mumbai.

PM Narendra Modi welcomes Russia to be part of India's growth

By on Friday, December 25, 2015
‘Kamov-226t’ helicopter production work to be jointly developed by both countries will be as a first defence project under the ‘make-in-India’ mission
Moscow:16 agreements have been signed on Thursday between India and Russia. The ‘Kamov-226t’ helicopter production work to be jointly developed by both countries will be as a first defence project under the ‘make-in-India’ mission. The Prime Minister Modi and Russian President Vladimir Putin have issued joint statement after this.
Putin said, “Russia supports the permanent membership of India in UNSC."  Saying the strong candidature for the India’s membership, he told that India can promote the responsive initiative in this world body.
Putin said during the meeting with top CEOs of India and Russia, “ Hi-tech, Innovation, Energy, Aircraft building, Farma and Diamond all are rich sectors for the purpose of co-operation between India and Russian companies.”
PM Narendra Modi said there that the relation between India and Russia should not only for the hydrocarbon; but also be the key part of growth story of India.
PM Modi once again posing the issue of terrorism in joint statement appealed the world to fight united against it.
Modi also said, “The world will have to fight with unity against terrorism without any discrimination between the terrorist groups and the target countries.”
The statement is being seen as the supporting to the military operation in Syria and the taking stand against America in gesture.
Actually, America has alleged Russia, "it was targeting the rebels in the favour of Assad instead of IS terrorist." 
It was alleged, “America is providing the rebels fighting against Assad the training camps, the money, and the weapons.” Many western countries and America are against the Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad. They want to depose him from power to sit their henchmen.

Syria is the war zone during last 5 years. Many fronts stand there. The Syrian government is fighting against rebels on the one hand; the ISIS, having captured on large part, is blood-shedding on the other.

Political Knotty Wrestling In BJP After Suspension Of Kirti Azad

By on Friday, December 25, 2015
A political knotty wrestling had begun in the BJP after the suspension of Law-maker Kirti Azad. The top leaders of BJP on Thursday started the meeting in this connection. Mr Lal Krishna Advani reached home of Murli Manohar Joshi where Mr Yashwant Sinha and Shanta Kumar were already present. It is assumed that the prominent leaders have discussed on the issue of suspension.
According to sources, these leaders including Advani and Joshi are party guidance council members; and intent that the allegations against Jaitley for DDCA should be probed. Kirti Azad had raised the voice against the alleged corruption in DDCA since long.  Azad had repeatedly demanded the probe into the matter having called the press conference in the past.  Mr Azad has been suspended by the party on Wednesday after his press conference. The BJP MP Shatrughan Sinha supported Kirti Azad openly.
The big irregularities and corruption were since 1999 upto 2013 during the tenure of Chairmanship of Mr Arun Jaitley in DDCA. Mr Kirti had exposed these irregularities in DDCA after jaitley's tenure.
According to source, the top leaders of BJP want the inquiry in this case; they desired a commission may be appointed against Mr. Jaitley. It is believed that the investigation may be instituted against the minister.
The members of BJP guidance council will decide the future after meeting. According to source, Mr. Kirti Azad had asked the intervention of party guidance council in this matter. He said, ’’The party guidance council and senior leaders should intervene on this issue’’.
Kirti Azad has asked PM Modi the cause of his suspension. He said, “I want to say PM Modi, 'What is my fault should be told openly?'"
 I want to know that I have been suspended for I had raised the voice against corruption in other matters of BCCI."

He added that the party should clarify my collusion with whomever? 

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

5 Witnesses faced death end; one more disappeared

By on Tuesday, December 22, 2015
The witness in Asaram Bapu Case has faced such end below
-Amrat Prajapati was shot dead in Rajkoat of Rajsthan.
-Mahendra Chawla shot dead in Panipat at Haryana.
-Akhil Gupta shot dead in Muzzaffar Nagar at U.P.
-One Witness name not declared was attacked with knife in Ahemdabad at Gujrat.
-Kirpal Singh shot dead 10th July 2014.

The witnesses disappearing of rape by Asaram Bapu are still continuing. The chief witness in this case Rahul Sachan has disappeared since 25th November last month. An FIR of his disappearance in Lucknow has been registered by the Sepoy, Vijay Bahadur in his security.
No information of his where about has yet been received. However the Police are trying to search him.
According to Vijay Bahadur. Rahul Sachan has not been connected since November 30th. His mobile is going switch off. Rahul was living in Lucknow on rent in a house. He was seen last at bus-stand Qaiserbagh in Lucknow with his gunner Amit. He had sent back his gunner from there.
Father of a victim girl of Shahjahanpur has alleged on the companions of Asha ram Bapu for disappearing of Rahul Sachan. He said that Rahul might be killed.
He was chief witness in the sexual exploitation case. He was attacked with knife outside the Jodhpur court after being witnessed in May 2014; he was injured in this attack.

Sick of mental disorder was gang-raped and murdered; court awarded 7 accused death sentence

By on Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Seven of the 9 accused were awarded death sentence on Monday in the matter of gang-rape and murder of Nepali girl in Rohtak. One of the accused is juvenile; while another committed suicide. Justice Seema Singhal Court heard the whole case within 10 months and awarded the death penalty.
According to information, the deceased Nepali victim damsel was sick of mental disorder. Her elder sister was the resident of Chiniot Colony on rent. She had brought her sister to get the treatment in PGI. The deceased Nepali girl had disappeared from Rohtak on February 1st this year. Her body was found in a field of Bahu Akbarpur Village in Nude condition on February 4th. The body was in bad condition. The upper part of body was tore up by the animals; it was difficult to identify the body. A sharp nose stone was found inside her private part.
The Rohtak Police and Forensic team reached the spot after getting the information of dead body, but the damsel could not be identified. The Police had registered the case of murder against the unidentified persons later. The brutality with the Girl was exposed on postmortem report on 6th of February.
It is to inform that the deceased girl’s gang-rape had crossed all the limit of brutality.  There were serious injury marks on her private part. The stone and condom were found in her body. The Police had registered the case under the section IPC 346,364,376D, 377,120B, 201 and section 34. The name of accused were Pradhan, Manbeer, Sunil, Server,Rajesh, Pavan and Sunil.

Monday, December 21, 2015

UN adopts resolution endorsing peace process for Syria

By on Monday, December 21, 2015

The UNSC has agreed upon the proposal to effort to end the civil war in Syria. Group of 20 countries in Vienna last month had prepared it. The foreign ministers of 15 countries on Friday have passed it late night in the UN SECURITY COUNCIL. According to the resolution, that the rebel groups and the president Basher al-Assad and others can fight against the terrorist organization ISIS will sit together to try the peace process.
 American Foreign Minister John Kerry and British Foreign Minister Philip Hammond talked with pro Syrian foreign ministers. Kerry said with media persons, “We hope that the peace talk will begin since 1st January and as earliest the ceasefire may resume." 
The delegate of rebel group said before the statement, "the 1st of January is very short term; we need more time."
The resolution has no clause about the abdication of President Assad al-Bashar. Russia is the supporter of Assad and it had never desired that Assad might be removed first.
Bashar should be remaining the president under the temporary arrangements, but it should not be for long time because he has got the killing allegation of his own countrymen.

Russia will try President Assad and Arab, the rebellion group both to sit together on round table. The resolution said, “The new constitution be prepared in Syria and the free and fair election must be conducted in observation of UN during next 18 months. Whether the condition is agreeable to the rebel and Assad or not can nothing be said.”

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Political Vendetta Has No Place In Democracy: D RAJA

By on Sunday, December 20, 2015

D RAJA Bhartia Communist Party
Bhartia Communist Party asserted on the issue, “There should not be any political vendetta in the democracy as India after the court grant bail to the congress president Sonia Gandhi and vice president Rahul Gandhi in the matter of National Herald.”
The national secretary of Bhartia Communist Party , D RAJA said, ”As far as the question of vendetta in politics, the congress party is posing issue. If any political vendetta is existing, this should not be prevailed… there should not be any political vendetta in the democracy as India.”
Mr Raja welcomed the presence before the Patiala house court of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi and other congress leaders as the follower citizen of law.
He said, “India is such country which believes in the rule of law. The court granted the bail when they, obeying summon of court, appeared before it.”  It confirmed that the congress party decided to dispose the matter by law.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

DDCA Corruption will Expose Former Cricketer and Lawmaker

By on Saturday, December 19, 2015
Kirti Azad former cricketer and BJP MP
Former cricketer and the BJP MP Kirti Azad on Sunday is going to expose the allegation of corruption in (DDCA) Delhi District Cricket Association. Raising the voice against the DDCA since a decade,  Mr Azad added that the AAP government only unearthed 15% of corruption in DDCA; while the 85% remaining corruption I shall expose on Sunday in a press conference.
I am crusading against the corruption and I will continue. The top leadership of BJP has said Azad to keep silence on the matter. According to reports, the BJP national president talked on telephone. Mr Ram Lal, general secretary of BJP, summoned Mr Azad on his residence; however the BJP MP from Darbhanga (Bihar), Azad dismissed all the reports. The BJP president Amit Shah also summoned Mr Azad, but Mr.Azad is adamant to keep his stand up.
The ruling AAP in Delhi had said before that there had been a big embezzlement during the chairmanship of DDCA of the Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley. Mr Jaitley had been the chairman of DDCA since 1999 to 2013.
The AAP leaders had told that there kept on corruption under the nose of Mr Jaitley. However Mr Jaitley has dubbed the allegation baseless.
Mr Azad said, “Pay no attention on propaganda that someone has said me to be tight lipped. Our fight is against the corruption in sports and I shall keep my fight continue.”

Mr Kirti Azad, son of Bhagwat Jha Azad former chief minister of Bihar, have played 7 test and 25 one days cricket match for Indian Cricket Team.

Man Jumped Into River; Committed Suicide

By on Saturday, December 19, 2015

Lucknow: A man, 60, resident of 328/23 Purani Sabji Mandi Chowk Lucknow, jumped into the  river committed suicide  on Friday noon.
According to the report, Mr. Rajendra Kumar Mishra who was retired from the UP Police Karagar(Jail) last year on his superannuation jumped into Gomti river at noon scaling the grill(nets) of Gomti Bairraz over bridge more than 50 ft high.

According to a few passer by saw a  man was climbing the grill (nets) of  the road side on bridge. One of them told,"when I saw him climbing, I was unaware of any mishap; but I recognized shortly of some foul-gone after a few distance moving ahead."  He added, "I immediately returned the spot, I looked... his jumping. I called the police and went down the bridge, alarmed to see the suicide attempt there, but it was late."

Friday, December 18, 2015


By on Friday, December 18, 2015

The high court Lucknow bench has ordered the UP government within 3 week to take the decision in connection with the suspension of Amitabh Thakur an IPS officer. Hearing on Wednesday the PIL filed by Amitabh Thakur High court of Allahabad Lucknow bench passed this order. The court has clarified that the plaintiff will appeal before the competent authority of union government against his suspension within 15 days; after it the central government will take the decision.
According to information,   Amitabh Thakur had claimed on having filed the PIL that his suspension was framed by state government to be ineffective itself technically. UN Mishra, counsel of state government, contended against the appeal, said before the court that the plaint can appeal before the competent authority according to law. Hearing the argument of both side the bench of Justice AP SAHI  and Justice AR Masoodi said that the misconception of plaint that his appeal after the central government will not be heard in the CAT is baseless.
The court said that the plaint to get relief has to submit an application within 15 days through proper channel before the central home ministry; after this the ministry of home affairs will decide on the application within 3 week. The plaint has the chance to put his prayer before the CAT. 
It is to inform that the filed litigation was praying to revoke the suspension of Amitabh Thakur under the All India Services Discipline and Appeal Rules. It was said in litigation that the review committee headed by chief secretary should have reconsidered within 90 days of suspension while the suspension had elapsed 150 days.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Maintenance Man dies after being sucked into AI Jet engine

By on Thursday, December 17, 2015

The pilot mistakenly switched on the engine when the jet was being moved from airport gate. A man working for Air India has died after being switched into a jet engine.
The accident happened as the plane pushed back for take off at Mumbai Airport. The co-pilot of flight AI 619 to the southern city of Hydrabad slipped on a fault signal  from ground staff and started the engine.

Maintenance man, Ravi Subramaniam, who was standing close by, was sucked as a whole into the engine and died instantly.
 The airline sent its" heartfelt condolences" to the man's family. The executive authority Ashwani Lohani said he was "very saddened" with the incident.
Only an inquiry can ascertain whose negligence it was and how the engine was started on?

Man Who Implicated Congress?

By on Thursday, December 17, 2015

Sri Kanishka Singh of the advisers, who is understood the chief backer to Rahul Gandhi, gave such precious idea to the youth politics.
Smt Sonia Gandhi, is taking advice of old trusted lieutenants to the congress party. Mr RK Dhawan was the private assistant to late-Smt Indira Gandhi and his trust is beyond the doubt.

RK Dhawan most reliable to late-Indira Gandhi
That the congress party in National Herald News paper case was implicated by the prominent man is who? 
Who advised to involve ‘125 years oldest party which got the freedom to the country from English rule’ in the commercial activities? 
Why did Smt Sonia Gandhi, party president, discuss deeply the National Herald case, on being trapped in legal hassles, with RK Dhawan most reliable to the late-Indira Gandhi?
How much congress party was benefited eventually to form a new endowments company ‘Young India’ owner claimant of National Herald Property?
According to the information, new managers who are in hurry and have been mentoring of new era politics are behind the tapestry of the whole event.
'Self-Intelligent-king of advisers' taught this lesson that the commercial utilization of Property of National Herald having under the possession of  an endowments company will nothing damage to the party leaders, its president and vice president; has made a trouble to Smt Sonia Gandhi and also Rahul Gandhi  at the end.
The formed company under the code 25 can utilize the obtained income by its commercial activities  only for the social purpose, but any political party itself can never operate any trading activities while Some advisers endorsed  Smt Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi, holder of heritage responsibility of Nehru-Gandhi, in trading activities. 
They made them partners of company by much maneuver for the building of a shopping mall on the allotted land to the news paper; now whole congress party’s integrity is on the verge of doubt.
It is understood that Sri Kanishka Singh of the advisers, who is understood the chief backer to Rahul Gandhi, gave such precious idea to the youth politics.
The group of well mature leaders who knew the far reaching effect in high moral congress party had surprised in the year 2011; but it was said that 'Young Indian' would start again The National Herald and would promote the thought of congress.
Later the decision of commercial use was taken on the land of news paper.
Mr Suman Dubey, an old prominent journalist, who was included in the group of the directors of ‘Young Indian Company’, was for the purpose of news paper, but applying the commercial brain of new managers had made the project changed.
The congress party having given the loan of 90 crore to the associate journals owner company of National Herald did no offense nor did any breach of law because the loan was given to such news paper as to promote the thought of congress party. The news paper had been founded by the leader Pt Jawahar Lal Nehru.
Pt Nehru had given the control of news paper pre-independent of India to Firoz Gandhi the grandfather of Rahul Gandhi.
He surrendered the control of this news paper to the journalism and engaged himself to the politics.
The land allotted in many states was only for the purpose of news papers or the journalism, but the land after the closure of National Herald publishing in the year 2008 was decided to use for the commercial purpose under ownership of Young Indian Company.
Now the congress party president, Smt Sonia Gandhi, is taking advice of old trusted lieutenants to the congress party. Mr RK Dhawan was the private assistant to late-Smt Indira Gandhi and his trust is beyond the doubt.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Coast Guard DIG Loshali sacked for Pakistan boat remarks

By on Wednesday, December 16, 2015

B K Loshali, DIG coast guard, on Saturday has been dismissed from his service in his controversial remarks of boat destroyed at Porbandar last new year eve. Loshali was dismissed after the court martial. Loshali had said that the suspected Pakistani boat was targeted on his order. A boat was found in suspected condition on 31 December last year at Porbandar.

The Indian express published in its news that Loshali said that he did not want to serve Biriyani to Pakistanis, but he was hostile his statement and he refused such spoken statements.

“Let me tell you. I hope you remember 31st December night. I was there at Gandhinagar and I told at night, blow the boat off. We don’t want to serve them biryani.” 

 Actually Indian government for the Pakistani boat had issued its statement incompatible of what Loshali said? The Indian government had stated that the Pakistanis on boat had self blown up. The defence ministry on 2 January said the coast guard had said the Pakistani boatman to halt, but it rev its speed up and began trying to cross the border line of Indian ocean. The Coast guard one and half hour later could intercept by chasing the boat after firing --- then an explosion occurred in the boat!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Railway demolished 500 shanties of ghetto dwellers during severe cold;Arvind Kejriwal

By on Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The state government of New Delhi has drawn a front line against the central government for the anti-encroachment drive by the railway to remove the shanties of ghetto dwellers. Arvind Kejriwal, the chief minister, has protested the railway action and wanted to register a murder case in this connection. The government of Delhi suspended two sub-divisional magistrates and a senior officer for the failure in managing to arrange the food and lodging to those who were deserted after the removal of encroachment.
The sabotage operation was launched near Rani Bagh in Shakur Basti area of North-West Delhi in which 500 shanties were removed. According to the railway authority, “The anti-encroachment-drive was carried after, the issuing notice specified 14th March 2015, the time limit.”
A 6 months old baby died in a shanty. The railway authority said, “The death incident had taken place before the drive started." Police told in its preliminary inquiry as the family with baby were trying to come out from the shanty; a bundle of cloth fell on baby, which caused this casualty.
After the row, Arun Arora, Delhi Railway Manager, told in a press conference that   the removal of encroachment, made a problem for the running trains, has no relation with the death of baby.
The ghetto dwellers had occupied inside 15 meters of security zone. He added that the national green tribunal had instructed the railway to ascertain the sources of, and to free the rail tracks from, the solid garbage.
Mr Arora told that the dwellers were served first notice to vacate the place till 15th March 2015.
The encroachment removal work could not have been done without assistance of police force. He told, “They were served again two more notices: the first one had the last date to vacate the place 30 September 2015; the last one had 12 December 2015."
A railway official said, “The long distance and ease of local trains, there is need of extra platform, repairing yard, washing line, maintenance availability and place for storage and the building of an office for engineering department.”
Kejriwal visited the spot late night and criticized the railway for the sabotage during the extreme cold (winter gale). He even ordered to provide the food and blankets immediately to the homeless people after the operation.
Kejriwal tweeted, “Railway has demolished 500 shanties during severe cold. One baby died. He said that the divisional commissioner had placed order to the local Sub-divisional magistrate and one more officer to manage the food and the shelter to the homeless people. We found reaching here such arrangement had not been done. The district magistrate is under our jurisdiction so we suspend the district magistrate.”

Monday, December 14, 2015


By on Monday, December 14, 2015
File Photo Hema Upadhyay
Two dead bodies, recovered from a drain at Kandivali area in Mumbai, have been identified. It was reported, “One of them is a famous artist Hema Upadhyay and second is her counsel.” Both were murdered; later the bodies inside the box closed; and then threw off. The police took three persons in custody in this connection on Sunday.
It is noticeable to inform that Hema had registered a case of torture in the year 2013 against her husband and renowned artist Chintan Upadhyay. She had alleged that Chintan used to sketch the obscene art on the wall of her room. Lawyer Bhambhani was her counsel in this case. Police told that Hema Upadhyay and her counsel Harish Bhambhani both were in tied hands and legs.

Sunday, December 13, 2015


By on Sunday, December 13, 2015
The pursuance of the provisions code 20, subsection-1G, of Uttar Pradesh university act 1973, the governor of Uttar Pradesh is pleased to nominate Professor Abha Awasthi, Director of Environmental Studies Institute Lucnow, as working council member of Lucknow University. 
 Professor Awasthi is a renowned sociologist at international level and her current research work is ‘Rural Dynamics’; she has been the chairman of sociology department; served as chief provost of Kailash hostel at Lucknow University;. and an Emeritus professor of the University Grants Commission. She contributed as a member of ICSSR prominent national institution of INDIA.

Education, Medical, Power and Water development Make India better: Akhilesh Yadav

By on Sunday, December 13, 2015

The chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, Akilesh Yadav,  discussing on Friday in New Delhi on development agenda with media person, said that the development of state is our chief issue, and the state government for this purpose is performing well on every front.
He told, “It is first time in the state when we are going to launch metro rail plan in the 5 cities of the state. The Lucknow Metro Rail work will finish before the schedule time under the leadership of Sridharan, recognized as metro man. The Express Way (Lucknow to Agra) will complete 302 km long path in this way. The state government completing these projects with its own source of income will prove an example before the country."
The Express Way will improve the needful local development including peasant’s welfare and the traffic. The projects has itself importance that there have not been any type of land acquisition dispute which is an achievement.
The dairy development and its milk production in the state is stand first position. Amul, the world fame 20 lacs liter daily distributor of Milk Company, is going to establish new plant in Varanasi, Lucknow, Kanpur. A big plant by the government sector mother dairy in addition to the private sector is being established. The government is providing economic and other assistance to the milk producers under the state scheme ‘Kamdhenu’. The heavy ambulance of country ‘108’ Samajwadi Swasthya Seva is in the serving the people;  the government will launch additionally ‘102’ national ambulance service for the pregnant women and new born babies.
He added that the 500 seats of MBBS in the field of medical in the state have been increased; new medical colleges have been founded; medicine free of cost including diagnosis, x-ray and ultrasound--- all are being provided; and many other important steps for economic assistance to those abysmal who are suffering from chronic disease have been taken by the government.
Mr Yadav told that the selection of 'Shiksha Mitra' in the fields of education; the promotion and recruitment of teachers; the work of schools new building having done the government initiated positively.
The electric supply 16 hrs to the rural and 24 hrs to the urban areas in next year, the government has started the government and private electric generating units at Anpara, Harduaganj and Lalitpur
The peasant’s accident insurance plan provides the assistance upto Rs 5 lacs; the free of cost irrigation, the formation of new Mandies, the fertilizer and the availability of agri instruments --- the funds Rs 4500 has been granted . The state government has transacted Rs 2500 crore to the farmers accounts for the payment of cane. The government to control the crimes has chalked out a plan to make effective ‘Police Help Line No '100’".
the government has taken various decision in  public interest;namely, establishment of 1090 Women-Power line; of IT city;of international cricket stadium; of cancer hospital; and of AIIMS.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

No separate law for Sonia and her prince: Shahnawaz Hussain

By on Saturday, December 12, 2015
The national spokespersonBharatiya Janata Party, Shahnawaz Hussain, giving the edification to the congress president Sonia Gandhi and vice-president Rahul, said both leaders, behaving like Indian citizen, let the parliament run; and not interrupt the parliament working on the issuance of court summons. 
Husain was participatingin a personal program  at Sikandarpur Balia (District of Eastern UP) talked with correspondents. He castigated the congress party activity in parliament on the issuance of court summons in the case of National Herald.
He said, “Our constitution confers equal rights to every Indian citizen. Merely it is a court summon to Sonia ji and Rahul Gandhi. They should behave like common men. They have many senior advocates. They should themselves defend there. Sonia and Rahul have no separate law. The congress should not summon the whole country protesting their summons. Let the parliament work and the important bill be passed.”
The congress allegations of PMO involvement in conspiracy and the adopting of double standards he said it baseless, and he told that the congress should debate instead of uproar in parliament. If the debate starts before the house, they will be told what they have done?
He alleged that the congress vice president Rahul is not able to tolerate the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the elected government. The Congress, by the planned way, is trying to stop the development of country.

On being asked foreign minister’s visit to Pakistan he said that Afghanistan is our friendly country and Sushma Swaraj has gone to delegate to an organized conference for Afghanistan in Pakistan. She sounded the voice of against the terrorism on the land of Pakistan. He added that the vengeance-feeling in relation between India and Pakistan will reduce.