10 Shocking Theories About WWE In 2016

 2016 is yet to begin and yet we’re all speculating on what the year will bring. It never turns out exactly as we (try to) predict, but that doesn’t stop us from giving it the old college try and offering our two cents on who will return, who will debut, who will be fired because of their racially insensitive social media history and so on and so forth…
Although a great many fans’ – and critics, for that matter – opinions are as far-fetched as Sheamus being named the greatest WWE Champion of the millennium, there are some theories floating about which are, upon investigation, quite believable. Shocking, for various reasons, but believable nonetheless.
They’re no less shocking than Roman Reigns winning the WWE Title on Raw, or surprise return Alberto Del Rio cleanly beating John cena on PPV by kicking his face off, or Hulk Hogan being ‘erased’ from WWE after a racism controversy, all of which happened in 2015.
Seperating the fact from the faked in pro-wrestling is hard enough, given the nature of the business itself, but I have taken some of these theories and looked at all the angles, weighing-up the likelihood of each event happening in the process.
If any of the following happen in 2016, try to remember that you heard it here first…once you get over the initial shock, of course.

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