5 Witnesses faced death end; one more disappeared

The witness in Asaram Bapu Case has faced such end below
-Amrat Prajapati was shot dead in Rajkoat of Rajsthan.
-Mahendra Chawla shot dead in Panipat at Haryana.
-Akhil Gupta shot dead in Muzzaffar Nagar at U.P.
-One Witness name not declared was attacked with knife in Ahemdabad at Gujrat.
-Kirpal Singh shot dead 10th July 2014.

The witnesses disappearing of rape by Asaram Bapu are still continuing. The chief witness in this case Rahul Sachan has disappeared since 25th November last month. An FIR of his disappearance in Lucknow has been registered by the Sepoy, Vijay Bahadur in his security.
No information of his where about has yet been received. However the Police are trying to search him.
According to Vijay Bahadur. Rahul Sachan has not been connected since November 30th. His mobile is going switch off. Rahul was living in Lucknow on rent in a house. He was seen last at bus-stand Qaiserbagh in Lucknow with his gunner Amit. He had sent back his gunner from there.
Father of a victim girl of Shahjahanpur has alleged on the companions of Asha ram Bapu for disappearing of Rahul Sachan. He said that Rahul might be killed.
He was chief witness in the sexual exploitation case. He was attacked with knife outside the Jodhpur court after being witnessed in May 2014; he was injured in this attack.

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