DDCA Corruption will Expose Former Cricketer and Lawmaker

Kirti Azad former cricketer and BJP MP
Former cricketer and the BJP MP Kirti Azad on Sunday is going to expose the allegation of corruption in (DDCA) Delhi District Cricket Association. Raising the voice against the DDCA since a decade,  Mr Azad added that the AAP government only unearthed 15% of corruption in DDCA; while the 85% remaining corruption I shall expose on Sunday in a press conference.
I am crusading against the corruption and I will continue. The top leadership of BJP has said Azad to keep silence on the matter. According to reports, the BJP national president talked on telephone. Mr Ram Lal, general secretary of BJP, summoned Mr Azad on his residence; however the BJP MP from Darbhanga (Bihar), Azad dismissed all the reports. The BJP president Amit Shah also summoned Mr Azad, but Mr.Azad is adamant to keep his stand up.
The ruling AAP in Delhi had said before that there had been a big embezzlement during the chairmanship of DDCA of the Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley. Mr Jaitley had been the chairman of DDCA since 1999 to 2013.
The AAP leaders had told that there kept on corruption under the nose of Mr Jaitley. However Mr Jaitley has dubbed the allegation baseless.
Mr Azad said, “Pay no attention on propaganda that someone has said me to be tight lipped. Our fight is against the corruption in sports and I shall keep my fight continue.”

Mr Kirti Azad, son of Bhagwat Jha Azad former chief minister of Bihar, have played 7 test and 25 one days cricket match for Indian Cricket Team.

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