Emergency Cases for Medical Treatment Not Handled Properly By KGMU; Private Hospitals Earning Rise

Raj Kishori mother of Ajay Awasthi DIED

Lucknow:The trauma centre at King George Medical University Lucnow is breaking the public faith. The emergency cases for medical treatment are rushed here for the proper recovery of patient, but the doctors deployed to attend the deteriorating condition of patient pay no attention.
 The close relatives of patient cannot garner the courage to ask persistently a doctor to diagnose the treatment there. The phobia of ill-treating to the patient make them tight lipped.
Many times the patient is referred to the other place, but after the elapse of time the patient is sent back without giving any treatment. The shuttling of patient from one place to another and again back there all such activities at trauma centre endangers the life.
Mr. Ajay Awasthi, staff of government press, rushed his mother, suffering from acute attack of asthma, for treatment to KGMU on Novemver10th last month. The doctors referred his mother to other ward(pulmonary) where she was denied the treatment and returned her after passing the time.
Mr Awasthi told the correspondent, "his mother was quickly rushed to the KK private hospital seeing the such activities; but he would have to pay Rs. 3 lakh for her treatment. Now she died in home on 30th November."
Mr Awasthi added that the dereliction of KGMU doctors too embroiled him to receive the phone of his boss, which consequences was his transfer from his work at the department.
Kin of Deceased Suraj Weeping Bitterly at KGMU
In another incident, no support to aggrieved family who is the resident of district Raibarely suffered loss of his son. Mr. Shambhu Rana told that his son Suraj, 18, was hit by a speedy car to his motorbike driving at Raibarely. Suraj was rushed to the KGMU trauma centre at noon.
Mr.Rana told that he was calling the doctors to attend his bleeding son, but none came to diagnose him.
Mr,Rana alleged that no CT-scan including ultra sound was done. His complaint with CMO could not affected the conduct of doctors. The lack of treatment caused the moaning of pain of his son. At the end he was declared dead at 3pm.
When the close relatives of deceased started quarreling, the police reached the spot; but was fail to pacify the kin. Mr Shailendra Mishra, The ACM2,  on the writing complain, ordered the magisterial enquiry.
Professor SC TIWARI said, “The patient was brought dead at trauma centre. There is no dereliction in duty of doctors.”

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