Gruesome murder of damsels; body parts recovered in sacks

BLS Lucknow: Two amputated limbs sacks of unidentified women were recovered on Friday at IIM Lucknow road under Madiyaon police station after the amputated heads of two damsels being found yesterday in Manpur at Sitapur district 87 kilometer away from state capital of Uttar Pradesh.
The hands of the deceased were tied with string type tapes. Which the sacks were full of amputated limbs; had also inside the cloths of children and men? The dogs were biting the sacks. 
The recovered heads of damsels were examined medically on Friday. The x-rays of head skulls were graphed to confirm the deceased ages. The medical report of postmortem says there were serious injuries marks on their heads. It was also reported, the throats were cut by the sharp edge weapons like the saws.
According to the doctors, the murderer had executed the deceased 2 or 3 days ago. Both were of 20- 25 ages.
The IG Jaki Ahmad told that the DNA of heads found in Sitapur is to be matched with the DNA of amputated limbs recovered in Lucknow to ascertain all the body parts inincluding the heads of same deceased.
According to the SSP Lucknow, The CCTV footage of last 3 days captured in the cameras installed on the gate and veranda of Career Medical College are being investigated. 
The plying of four-wheeler, one of them used by murderers, must have entered in the range of cameras. The footage of these cameras may prove important to solve this blind double murder case.
The SSP, Rajesh Pandey also said to identify all the four-wheeler which retarded or stopped near the college.
The SSP told the crime branch has also been assigned the task to unearth the case. Many buildings from Sitapur highway to the IIM Lucknow have had installed the CCTV cameras. All the camera footage are under investigation. The Punjab National Bank Ghaila branch is near the incident spot on the service lane. The crime branch team went there to find the clue; but there were no outside cameras.

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