Indian officials were concerned such sudden visit of PM to Lahore

PM Modi greeted Sharif's birthday on telephone; Sharif said to provide him a chance to hospitality: Narendra Modi accepted proposal

PM Modi when visited from Kabul to Pakistan surprised the world on Friday. It is reported that after being assured the security by Pakistan government the PM visit was confirmed. It was pre-scheduled that after landing PM Modi in Pakistan at Lahore airport he would go upto Jati Umra in helicopter of his counterpart Nawaz Sharif.
The whole story behind this visit is when the PM Modi greeted Sharif's birthday on telephone; Sharif, inviting Modi, said to provide him a chance to the hospitality. Mr Sharif was in Lahore; He called PM Modi in Lahore. PM Modi accepted the proposal; but the security to the SPG was a big concern.
The Pakistan government, to assure India the PM Modi’s security, confirmed that Sharif and Modi would be together in the same helicopter upto Jati Umra.
The official added to the visit of both sides, on condition of not being disclosed their names, told an English news daily that the security officials of both the countries had talked on phone two times about the sudden visit. After these phone calls the security was assured and it was confirmed that the crew may leave for New Delhi after the halt for a few hours in Lahore. Then Modi tweeted and declared his visit to Lahore.
It was not less than a challenge for SPG to arrange such sudden visit of PM to Lahore, according to the security official. Since every arrangement of security for sudden visit is available in Islamabad; the institutionalized security protocol is available there; but no such facility set up is available in Lahore. This caused the SPG a big concern of PM security. But when Pakistan assured the security, the visit could be confirmed.
Nawaz Sharif welcomed Modi at Lahore airport. The both leaders boarded on the airforce helicopter of Pakistan; left for Jatti Umra. That both the prime ministers were safe was relied when they went on same helicopter.
Modi visited Raiwind palace home of Nawaz Sharif and blessed her granddaughter; he touched the feet of Sharif’s mother and took her boon.
The PM’s visit was appreciated in the whole world. The Pakistani media had dubbed it diplomatic master stroke for Modi.
It was first visit of PM to Pakistan after last decade. Former PM of India Mr Atal Bihari Bajpai had visited Pakistan in 2004.

It is seen as a good sign for the resumption of the peace process between the two countries.

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