Juveniles Gang-raped Damsel and Murdered her

body again gang-raped in jungle 

The body of a damsel in naked condition, 25, resident of Mukund Pur New Delhi, recovered in a jungle near Bhalsawa Lake. The people of the area are shocked with the incident.
According to the police, the deceased was working as textile designer and was alone in her house on Saturday night last week; meanwhile two neighboring drunken boys trespassed her house from the roof.
The boys gang-raped her and she was murdered during the scrambling between the boys and her. The body was disposed in jungle near Bhalswa Lake. As they were carrying corpse of damsel on shoulder, a neighbor peeped them predawn 3 am; and informed the police.
The police told that the accused again raped the body in jungle. The police arrested one juvenile accuse; second, who works the unloading of trucks in Azadpur Mandi, is absconding.

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