Man Jumped Into River; Committed Suicide

Lucknow: A man, 60, resident of 328/23 Purani Sabji Mandi Chowk Lucknow, jumped into the  river committed suicide  on Friday noon.
According to the report, Mr. Rajendra Kumar Mishra who was retired from the UP Police Karagar(Jail) last year on his superannuation jumped into Gomti river at noon scaling the grill(nets) of Gomti Bairraz over bridge more than 50 ft high.

According to a few passer by saw a  man was climbing the grill (nets) of  the road side on bridge. One of them told,"when I saw him climbing, I was unaware of any mishap; but I recognized shortly of some foul-gone after a few distance moving ahead."  He added, "I immediately returned the spot, I looked... his jumping. I called the police and went down the bridge, alarmed to see the suicide attempt there, but it was late."

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