National Herald case: Sonia, Rahul Gandhi not to appear in court

Delhi high court, giving a shocking decision in the matter of national herald, has dismissed the writ petition of congress president Sonia Gandhi and vice-president Rahul Gandhi. The court has dismissed the petition of Sonia Gandhi, which she had challenged the issued summon by the trial court. This result has confirmed their presence in the court whenever the trial court will hear the case. The case is in Patiala house.
After the decision where Sonia and Rahul’s presence on Tuesday may have to be there for the service of summons, the congress is intending to go Supreme Court against the decision. Abhishek Manu Singhvi, congress spokesperson, said, ironically that the court gave its verdict on the bench had not been listed in the cause list. It was communicated telephonically in the morning.
It is noticeable that the BJP leader and advocate Subramanian Swamy filed a writ petition, a lower court had issued the summons to Sonia and Rahul to hear the case of National Herald, but both of them filed an appeal in high court against the petition.
The Associate Journal Limited(TAJL) is the owner company of National Herald News paper. The Congress took the responsibility of TAJL’s indebted of Rs 90 crore on 25 February 2011. This means the party sanctioned the loan to TAJL of Rs 90 crore. After this the Rs 5 lacs were spent to registered the 'YOUNG INDIAN COMPANY', which have Sonia and Rahul share 38% equally remaining 24% share was possessed by Motilal Vohra and Oscar Fernandez.

9 crore shares each worth Rs 10 of TAJL later were entrusted to ‘Young Indian’, and it was to pay back the loan of congress.  'Young Indian' got the possession of 99% shares of TAJL with these 9 crore shares. The congress gave up of 90 crore loan. 'Young Indian' got the ownership of TAJL cost free. Subramanian Swamy’s suspicion is that all the episode of Rs 90 crore is hawala case.

Swamy alleged that all the episode is to take the possession of Herald House building at Bahadur Shah Zafar street Delhi worth 1600 crore. The BJP leader has stated in his plaint that the central government had allotted the land to Herald House--- the land cannot be utilized for the commercial purpose.

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