Our lives value always is promoting tolerance instead of discrimination based on race and religion: Rajnath Singh

Home Minister Rajnath Singh stated bluntly amid worldwide growing network of brutal ISIS on Sunday, "The terrorist organization can never step its foot in the country."  Singh further added, "The ISIS can never be able to deceive Indian Muslims."
Home Minister said in 'Strength training' program organized by Maulana Azad University, “IS is being discussed plenty in the world nowadays.”
“I have read in the newspaper that IS done it…did that”, he said.  Syria is under attack, all the things that are happening; but I would say being the Home Minister of India, even if any child would have being crazy anywhere; that somebody attempted to stop him doing so are the Indian Muslims, followers of Islam!
He added: "You will be surprised that a Muslim boy in Mumbai was trapped in radicalism. Her mother and father came to me and said, take, save my child; he wants to go to Syria. I embraced them that such are people of India." The Home Minister said that the world is facing the (IS) crisis.
Rajnath Singh said, " The distress and fear of IS may be in rest of the world place, but I am confident that our community of people have commitment to the life values; and the presence of these in any case cannot be IS dominance in India. I say it avowedly."
The minister said, "Tens of thousands Imams marched against IS. The culture of India is of the same charisma. Our responsibility is yours to keep and preserve this culture. I definitely say that if we will preserve the culture of India, a force can never stop becoming as the world's most powerful, wealthy and wise country."
He said that not only India but the entire world are speaking of terrorism, separatism and Maoism, but only education cannot give it end. Letter knowledge is not enough. The resolution to the values is essential. If the value will not be, the liberation cannot be attained from these crises.
The high degree youths who are engaged in such activities are making a difference in their thinking, which created these circumstances.
He said the British people had tried to say that India has been zero, but zero was invented in India.
 Indian mathematics, medicine and astronomy in the world have offered a lot. 
India had been established long before as the center of knowledge as Oxford and Harvard is currently.
He said, “Our lives value always is promoting tolerance instead of discrimination based on race and religion."
When the Persian people were banished from their country, they have the highest respect in India. It is a miracle of education and culture of our country.
The Home Minister said that India is the only country in the world where Muslims have 72 theologies. In any Islamic country all these theology do not live together.
Lucknow MP and the Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Sunday visited the kitchen of Akshaya Patra Foundation.
They inspected in the kitchen cooking and the quality of food and ate even with schoolchildren.
Akshaya Patra Foundation, nearly 1 million children in the public schools of the state, is supplying the mid-day meal (MDM) supplements.

Home Minister will put the foundation-stone of the NIA office on December 28 at 11 am Gomti Nagar area in state capital. He will leave for New Delhi at 12:40 p

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