PM Narendra Modi welcomes Russia to be part of India's growth

‘Kamov-226t’ helicopter production work to be jointly developed by both countries will be as a first defence project under the ‘make-in-India’ mission
Moscow:16 agreements have been signed on Thursday between India and Russia. The ‘Kamov-226t’ helicopter production work to be jointly developed by both countries will be as a first defence project under the ‘make-in-India’ mission. The Prime Minister Modi and Russian President Vladimir Putin have issued joint statement after this.
Putin said, “Russia supports the permanent membership of India in UNSC."  Saying the strong candidature for the India’s membership, he told that India can promote the responsive initiative in this world body.
Putin said during the meeting with top CEOs of India and Russia, “ Hi-tech, Innovation, Energy, Aircraft building, Farma and Diamond all are rich sectors for the purpose of co-operation between India and Russian companies.”
PM Narendra Modi said there that the relation between India and Russia should not only for the hydrocarbon; but also be the key part of growth story of India.
PM Modi once again posing the issue of terrorism in joint statement appealed the world to fight united against it.
Modi also said, “The world will have to fight with unity against terrorism without any discrimination between the terrorist groups and the target countries.”
The statement is being seen as the supporting to the military operation in Syria and the taking stand against America in gesture.
Actually, America has alleged Russia, "it was targeting the rebels in the favour of Assad instead of IS terrorist." 
It was alleged, “America is providing the rebels fighting against Assad the training camps, the money, and the weapons.” Many western countries and America are against the Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad. They want to depose him from power to sit their henchmen.

Syria is the war zone during last 5 years. Many fronts stand there. The Syrian government is fighting against rebels on the one hand; the ISIS, having captured on large part, is blood-shedding on the other.

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