Police take necessary action and step up against organized criminal gangs: Nitish Kumar

Saurau Kumar
Patna: The Chief Minister of Bihar, Mr Nitish Kumar, called a meeting to review the law and order situation and the functioning of state home ministry, asked the increasing crime in state with the Police Chief PK Thakur and other Senior Officers.
He questioned with these officers why were the indulged criminals in the offence not being caught? He ordered to take necessary action and to step up against the organized criminal gangs. The Bihar Police is now in pressure and active. 
The Police teams are investigating various places to unearth the involved gangs for committing the murder of two engineers on not paying the extortions money.
The STF team reached Darbhanga from Patna. The police raided on many places of darbhanga, Shivhar, Sitamadhi, Muzzaffarpur.
 An informer of the murderers has been arrested by the STF in the case of double murder. The informer has been accused of informing for the shooters about the both engineers.
IG Sushil Kumar Khopre told, “Police is searching the assailants based on the information told by informer. STF, SIT and Operation teams have investigated and questioned more than a dozen people. According to Dharbhanga Police, the mastermind of murder has the connection with an important Political Party.
It is very important that Santosh Jha is being understood the chief conspirator.  In front the house of Jha's sister, both the engineers were executed; the murderers had thrown a pamphlet after committing the murder; the Police are investigating on the line of the pamphlet.

The Police hope that the dirty play of Santosh Jha gang will unearth soon, which is active in Sheohar and Sitamarhi. The families of both the engineers Mukesh and Brijesh of road Construction Company are in grief. The engineer Mukesh survived with a son and a daughter, who have lost their father.

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