Political Vendetta Has No Place In Democracy: D RAJA

D RAJA Bhartia Communist Party
Bhartia Communist Party asserted on the issue, “There should not be any political vendetta in the democracy as India after the court grant bail to the congress president Sonia Gandhi and vice president Rahul Gandhi in the matter of National Herald.”
The national secretary of Bhartia Communist Party , D RAJA said, ”As far as the question of vendetta in politics, the congress party is posing issue. If any political vendetta is existing, this should not be prevailed… there should not be any political vendetta in the democracy as India.”
Mr Raja welcomed the presence before the Patiala house court of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi and other congress leaders as the follower citizen of law.
He said, “India is such country which believes in the rule of law. The court granted the bail when they, obeying summon of court, appeared before it.”  It confirmed that the congress party decided to dispose the matter by law.

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