Sick of mental disorder was gang-raped and murdered; court awarded 7 accused death sentence

Seven of the 9 accused were awarded death sentence on Monday in the matter of gang-rape and murder of Nepali girl in Rohtak. One of the accused is juvenile; while another committed suicide. Justice Seema Singhal Court heard the whole case within 10 months and awarded the death penalty.
According to information, the deceased Nepali victim damsel was sick of mental disorder. Her elder sister was the resident of Chiniot Colony on rent. She had brought her sister to get the treatment in PGI. The deceased Nepali girl had disappeared from Rohtak on February 1st this year. Her body was found in a field of Bahu Akbarpur Village in Nude condition on February 4th. The body was in bad condition. The upper part of body was tore up by the animals; it was difficult to identify the body. A sharp nose stone was found inside her private part.
The Rohtak Police and Forensic team reached the spot after getting the information of dead body, but the damsel could not be identified. The Police had registered the case of murder against the unidentified persons later. The brutality with the Girl was exposed on postmortem report on 6th of February.
It is to inform that the deceased girl’s gang-rape had crossed all the limit of brutality.  There were serious injury marks on her private part. The stone and condom were found in her body. The Police had registered the case under the section IPC 346,364,376D, 377,120B, 201 and section 34. The name of accused were Pradhan, Manbeer, Sunil, Server,Rajesh, Pavan and Sunil.

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