UN adopts resolution endorsing peace process for Syria

The UNSC has agreed upon the proposal to effort to end the civil war in Syria. Group of 20 countries in Vienna last month had prepared it. The foreign ministers of 15 countries on Friday have passed it late night in the UN SECURITY COUNCIL. According to the resolution, that the rebel groups and the president Basher al-Assad and others can fight against the terrorist organization ISIS will sit together to try the peace process.
 American Foreign Minister John Kerry and British Foreign Minister Philip Hammond talked with pro Syrian foreign ministers. Kerry said with media persons, “We hope that the peace talk will begin since 1st January and as earliest the ceasefire may resume." 
The delegate of rebel group said before the statement, "the 1st of January is very short term; we need more time."
The resolution has no clause about the abdication of President Assad al-Bashar. Russia is the supporter of Assad and it had never desired that Assad might be removed first.
Bashar should be remaining the president under the temporary arrangements, but it should not be for long time because he has got the killing allegation of his own countrymen.

Russia will try President Assad and Arab, the rebellion group both to sit together on round table. The resolution said, “The new constitution be prepared in Syria and the free and fair election must be conducted in observation of UN during next 18 months. Whether the condition is agreeable to the rebel and Assad or not can nothing be said.”

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